December 28, 2014

Healthy Legs & Happy Veins
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It was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz who said, “A Girl with a Good Pair of Shoes Can Go Any Where”. That may be true, and it helps, if you have healthy legs and happy veins. This is where Midwest Vein Center comes in with their sole focus being on vein care. Their well trained physicians are board certified in Phlebology and have over 25 years of vein care expertise. Add in a compassionate clinical team, offering years of patient care experience and you have what sets Midwest Vein Center apart. They have treated thousands of patients with state-of-the-art minimally invasive out-patient procedures. For woman and men, be proactive and eliminate your varicose veins before they get worse. Contact Midwest Vein Center to schedule your consultation and make 2015, your year, for you!
888-400-VEIN  or  888-400-83-46

Photo-2014-12-28-Gordon-Wright midwest-vein-center Photo-2014-12-28-Jeanine

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Be the Change You Want to See in the World

December 21, 2014

Two Clarks & Christmas
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Aging Info Radio is honored to have two Clarks joining our Christmas show this year. At age 83, Clark Weber, the extraordinary Chicago radio icon with his wit and humor continues staying active and sharing his stories with Chicagoans. Our second Clark is Bennett Clark, Clark Weber’s grandson. Bennett is a radio star in the making as a young aspiring radio personality on WLUW 88.7 FM. With a deep rich radio voice and natural talent ease, it is apparent: apples definitely do not fall far from trees. Both extraordinary Clarks have a whole lot of talent in common behind the microphone. In spirit of the holidays, it would not be Christmas unless Clark Weber told the Christmas Cup of Tea story. This story speaks very loudly from the heart, so grab your hanky and enjoy the story because no one tells it quite like Clark Weber!

Bennett Clark Wakenight is a young aspiring radio personality on WLUW 88.7fm inspired by old school style while integrating new school trends.


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Closeness Has Nothing to Do With Distance

December 14, 2014

Holiday Humor
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A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a downcast spirit dries up the bones. Deep down belly laughs are naturally healthy and it is good to find the funny in the craziness of every, holiday season. Comedian, actor and author, Tommy Connolly knows how to find the funny as he makes fun of himself in his comic routines. Today he is five years into his recovery from addiction and his book, Soul Parole, tells it like it is. It takes an intimate look at the misunderstood world of addiction, depression and fear, to recovery, faith and catching dreams. Soul Parole is a journey from darkness to the light. “Based On a True Story” it is a testimony that anything is possible with hope, faith and the hand of a friend.

Photo-2013-12-08-Tommy-Connolly Photo-2013-12-08-Soul-Parole-Cover

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You Can’t Turn Back the Clock, but You Can Wind It Up Again

December 7, 2014

Embracing Aging
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We hear it everywhere, aging this and anti-aging that. Maybe even to the point where it does not get the attention that it once did. Guest, Ron Pevny discusses aging from the perspective that senior citizens and baby boomers are not satisfied with their retirement years being defined by social and cultural beliefs. It is not their doom and gloom, elder time to grow old. They are taking on their lives with diversity, growth, passion, purpose, service, contribution, spiritual exploration and so much more at every age. Guest Dr. John Young goes beyond treatment to teach his patients how to maintain optimal health for as long as possible by building a cellular foundation. With a fresh perspective, no regrets and optimal health you can achieve anything at any age and grow old gracefully by choice!

Photo-2014-12-07-Ron-Pevny Photo-2014-12-07-Ron-Pevny-Book Photo-2014-12-07-John Young Photo-2014-12-07-John Young-Book

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Take Care of Your Body, It’s the Only Place You Have to Live

November 30, 2014

No Holiday Weight Gain
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Most people gain between 5 to 8 pounds from Thanksgiving to New Years, every year. With holiday parties and festivities full of delicious high calorie and high fat foods, not gaining weight can be challenging. Guest Lisa Krueger-Gavin, an Ambassador with Weight Watchers has seen what works and what does not work, regarding holiday weight gain. The science based Weight Watchers program is a simple program that simply works. Fitness expert, Carol Whitaker talks about will power and how to set yourself up for a holiday party so that you do not over indulge. Kathy Streak takes it a bit further with DinerWear as a way to maintain our dignity. With a little discipline and smarter choices, you can maintain your weight during the holidays and kick off 2015 feeling great!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Photo-2014-11-30-Carol-Whitaker Photo-2014-11-30-Kathy-Steck

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All Appears to Change When We Change

November 23, 2014

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Thanksgiving is the one day of the year that has us reflect on what we are thankful for. Guest, Dr. John McGrail talks about gratitude and appreciation and how they are very different. Guest, Hillis Pugh writes about sharing life’s gratitude in Thank You Thursday, which he happened to start on Thanksgiving, and is now working on Feeling Good Friday. Richard Eyre and his wife Linda authored The Thankful Heart. Their book was 40 years in the making and it teaches others how to develop the healthy habit of gratitude, at any age. Gratitude allows us to express our feelings and is closely linked to happiness. You can find gratitude in any life situation and once you find it, you could, end up having more of it with a little practice!

Photo-2014-11-23-John-McGrail Photo-2014-11-23-Hillis-Pugh Photo-2014-11-23-Richard-Eyres

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Kindness is the Universal Language of Love

November 16, 2014

Leading with Heart
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Most of us are living in our left brain, dominated by logic and ego. With this way of being, we lose the importance of heart. Guest, Regina Cates and author of “Lead with Your Heart” teaches others how to create meaningful lives of love, compassion, and purpose. Regina is waking others up to limitless possibility as she is touches the hearts of her world-wide audience. Guest, Allen Klein, the only, Certified, “Jollytologist” also has a worldwide audience from his 600,000 books sold. Allen explores the madness, meaning and mirth of life with a sense of humor and a fresh perspective. As Allen says, alter your attitude and be in the moment with what matters most to you. Regina and Allen are a breath of fresh air while they keep it simple through the ups and downs of life!


Photo-2014-11-16-Regina-Cates 9781938289286_Cates_V5_Rev.indd Photo-2014-11-16-Allen-Klein Photo-2014-11-16-Allen-Klein-Book

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Stormy Weather Doesn’t Mean, You Aren’t Headed For Sunshine!

November 9, 2014

Our Veterans
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We have approximately 22 million veterans in the United States with 1.7 million being female and 10 million over 65 years of age. Serving in the military may be challenging as, returning to civilian life can be. Programs and services are available that can help veterans, although, they are not always known about. Guests, Steve Thoren, George Rawlinson, Mick Grady and Jim Hunter bring light to some of the programs, such as, a Tribute to the Troops, Soldiers Angels and V- Spann. V-Spann, the Veterans Special Programs American National Network is on a big mission. Their project is a TV & Radio media platform for veterans and their families of all eras. They want to make sure veterans achieve a continuum of care with the programs available and finally, isn’t it about time!

Photo-2014-11-09-Steve-Thoren Photo-2014-11-09-George-Rawlins Photo-2014-11-09-Four-Guests Photo-2014-11-09-Jim-Hunter

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Don’t Stay Where You Are Tolerated, Go Where You Are Celebrated

November 2, 2014

Retirement Straight Talk
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It is heard everywhere, retirement this and retirement that, leaving consumers confused. Not only is confusion part of the equation, trust is another factor. People are much more skeptical today along with their decisions becoming more impactful, as the years go by. The best thing to do is never lose any of your retirement money. This is possible with the Safe Money Man, John O’Connor. John has delivered his promise to never lose any money to over 1,000 satisfied clients in the Chicagoland area. Doing your retirement homework is easy with John. He does it all for you. John also teaches his high school daughter, Kristen about money when she helps him at his workshops. Money 101 is so important to learn and apply, especially when young, as Kristen is and for most everyone else, it’s never too late!

Photo-2012-01-14-OConnorB Photo-2014-11-02-Kristen1 Photo-2014-11-02-Kristen2

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When Things Go Wrong Don’t Go With Them

October 26, 2014

Family Dynamics & Caregiving
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The responsibility of caring for an aging loved one can be stressful and overwhelming.  Add sibling warfare to an already challenging situation and family dynamics can downward spiral.  Personal emotions and issues can become the primary focus, instead of the needed care.  Hiring a professional caregiver is always your best bet. It will allow for family members to visit, being the son, daughter, sibling or relative, instead of the caregiver. First Light Home Care owners, Brian, Sande and Chris discuss many different options to consider when care is needed.  An aging loved one may be afraid of hiring a caregiver and chances are, they are not alone.  Family members may feel some of the same fears. Selecting the right home care company is a lot about knowing what to ask and you must, feel confident with your choice. If you are ever uncertain, in doubt or have questions, call First Light Home Care.  They provide extraordinary people and exceptional care, giving you exactly what you need!  224-214-4000

Photo-2014-10-26-Brian Photo-2014-10-26-Sande-Serman Photo-2014-10-26-Chris

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If you Need Something to Be Grateful For Check Your Pulse

October 19, 2014

Falls & Rehab
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The National Safety Council reports that 8.9 million emergency room visits per year are from falls. Falls can be serious and life threatening, especially for the sick or elderly. A fall can cause them to spiral downward quickly with additional health problems. Being proactive and aware of falling can help, although it is much more than that. Balance is complicated to work with and may be more of a process of elimination, as expert guest Michael Bearce discusses. With hospitals seeing revenue declines in Medicare, it is in everyone’s best interest that falls be reduced. Bob Kunio may have the answer with his Simply Rehab program. Muscle mass declines rapidly with aging and Simply Rehab has a way to build and keep muscle. This may be the key to never taking a tumble, while also building strong bones.

Photo-2014-10-19-Michael-Bearce IF

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There is More to Life Than Increasing Its Speed

October 12, 2014

Cholesterol & Statin Drugs
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Statin drugs have been hailed as the miracle drug of the century by authorities around the world. The market for statin drugs is billions of dollars for drug manufacturers. Many doctors prescribe statin drugs to all of their patients over 50 years of age. Fortunately, not all doctors are the same. Dr. Anand Patel suggests, 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise weekly and dietary changes first, to help naturally lower cholesterol before considering a statin drug. Dr. Daniel Heller talks about natural alternatives and how they impact our overall cardiovascular health, which is the bigger picture of high cholesterol. It all comes down to choice and many people do not want to make lifestyle changes. They prefer statin drugs, or feel they are best for them. Our health is our greatest wealth, and the choice you make, hopefully, is your best bet, for you!

Photo-2014-10-12-Anand-Patel Photo-2014-10-12-Daniel-Heller

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It’s Not What You Look at That Matters It’s What You See

October 5, 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness
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We are reminded every October of the importance of mammograms. Breast cancer affects one out of every eight woman as it did, guest, Liz Starman. Liz did a routine breast check and found a lump. She immediately had a mammogram, which lead into an ultra sound, followed by a biopsy. As painful as it is was to hear, Liz did have breast cancer. Treatment and surgery began immediately and with rigor. Guest, Sandy Hoffman is a Breast Nurse Navigator at Northwest Community Hospital. Sandy helped Liz understand what she could expect with the fight she was in, as well as, being a rock for her to lean on. Liz is a cancer survivor today. Although, Liz may have more routine testing to keep her a cancer survivor, routine mammograms make the difference and they may also save a life!

Photo-2014-10-05-Liz-Starman Photo-2014-10-05-Sandy-Hoffman

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Remember the Rough Weather Won’t Last Forever in a Storm

September 28, 2014

Extraordinary NFP Companies
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Most non-for- profit companies help people out and Flying for Hope, is doing just that! Susan Worline, President and Founder, provides flights or transportation when someone needs to visit an aging, ill or dying loved one. Many times, people run out of money after repeat trips and have no funds left when they need to be there. This is where Flying for Hope comes in, while making a difference for others. It is just as important to comfort those in need, after a crisis. Tim Hetzner has 90 blondes, as he calls his Golden Retriever K-9 Comfort Dogs. Their job is to give emotional support when it is needed most as they innately know who is in pain. By leaning into someone in need, they connect to help heal, while offering comfort and compassion with their gentle, Golden Retriever kind of love!

www.FlyingForHope.Info (Home of K-9 Comfort Dogs)

Photo-2014-09-28-Susan-Worline Photo-2014-09-28-Susan-Worline2 Photo-2014-09-28-Tim-Howe

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80% Happens, the last 20% of the Time

September 21, 2014

Fear Not ~ Embracing Life’s Journey
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When fear is a potential for pain, it can trigger a variety of attitudes and behaviors. We may freeze, flee, defend ourselves or get stuck. Fear signals move swiftly to avoid danger and they intensify when danger is unavoidable. Internal fears can be triggered by self doubt, where external fears are caused by something outside, that we want to avoid. When something bad happens, as it did to guests, Dale Spencer and Jana Flaig, fear can land right in our lap. It did not matter if the fear was external or internal; it had to be met, head on. With self determination, support and encouragement from others, both continue knocking fear down daily. Dale and Jana are two extraordinary human beings who went from devastation to being dynamic and, all by choice!

Photo-2014-09-21-Dale-Spencer Photo-2014-09-21-Dale-Sue Photo-2014-09-21-Jana-Flaig

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Everything is Easy, Until it Gets Complicated

September 14, 2014

Dementia, Alzheimer’s & Care
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It is estimated that over 35 million people are diagnosed with dementia, worldwide. Statistics show this number doubling by 2030 and tripling by 2050. Alzheimer’s is the progressive form of dementia, affecting over 5 million people in the US. Guest and “Alzheimer’s Speaks”, radio host, Lori La Bey, advocates for shifting our dementia care from crisis to comfort. World wide Lori connects people to best practices and facilitates conversations regarding dementia care needs. Guest, Mara Batonis, author of “When Caring Take Courage” knows from her personal experience, how devastating Alzheimer’s disease can be. Her book helps Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers as a quick reference guide to use when challenges come up. Learning all that we can about the diseases will help, but compassion and love for the patient, above all else, will always lead the way.

Photo-2014-09-14-Lori-La-Bey Photo-2014-09-14-Lori-La-Bey-Book Photo-2014-09-14-Mara-Botonist perf8.000x10.000.indd

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The Expert in Anything Was Once a Beginner

September 7, 2014

Sobriety & a Second Act
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Alcoholism and addiction are chronic diseases, just as cancer and other diseases are. Many people do not see it this way when a person falls into relapse, after being in recovery. Guest, Scott Stevens, points out that it is life stressors that trigger high levels of cortisol and often trigger an addict into relapsing. Learning how to not self medicate during stressful times can keep and addict in recovery. All is not doom and gloom, as sweet sobriety can also give you a brand new life. Author, BJ Gallagher, teaches others how to reinvent themselves. Her book, “It’s Never too Late to Be What You Might Have Been” is a little book with a big message. It reminds us that as multi-dimensional empowered beings, we can dream at any age and make good on those dreams, starting right now!

Photo-2014-09-07-Scott-Stevens Photo-2014-09-07-Silver-Lining Photo-2014-09-07-BJ-Gallagher Photo-2014-09-07-BJ-Book

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Never Let What You Can’t Do Interfere With What You Can Do

August 31, 2014

Our Kids, Our Future
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Our kids are learning today and will be leading tomorrow. Many positive and negative comments are made, about relating to our kids today. Relating to anyone, at any age, works better, if you can discuss your different points of view and kids are no different. Our kids today are much more advanced than past generations, being smart, tech savvy and more mature at a younger age. Four courageous guests, 9 year old Julia, 10 year old Peyton and Joe and Sam who are 13, are extraordinary kids with many interests. They talk about their interests, school, family, technology and more. They suggested the best way for adults to communicate with them is through having fun, dinners and vacations together, but most importantly as Julia said, put your devices away. Julia called it for what it is and all adults should take note!

Photo-2014-08-31-Julia Photo-2014-08-31-Peyton Photo-2014-08-31-Joe Photo-2014-08-31-Sam

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You Never Lose, You Win or You Learn

August 24, 2014

Emotional Liposuction
Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2014-08-24.mp3

As we get older, our emotional baggage weighs us down, which can lead us to try and suppress stuffed feelings by self-medicating, drinking or with happy endorphins, but they are temporary fixes. Chi Kung Master, Gary Clyman offers a onetime Emotional Liposuction treatment to rid the big emotions: abandonment, anger, rage and bitterness. Sounds a little hocus pocus, well, it is not. Master Clyman has treated over 10,000 patients from all over the world and knows that his Emotional Liposuction is the Cutting Edge in healing. He stimulates specifics and sucks out the issues that interfere with our happiness, relationships and even productivity. Violent change is a good thing because gradual change is so sleepy. One painful visit, for as little as 5 minutes or up to 45 and your negative emotions are gone for good. After treatment, Clyman’s clients notice a difference immediately and many are relieved from aches and pains they have had for years. I guess you could say, no pain no gain and Emotional Liposuction is more than worth, the gain!

Gary-Clyman Photo-2014-04-13-Gary-Clyman Photo-2014-04-13-Gary-Clyman

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A Hug is a Handshake from the Heart

August 17, 2014

Healthcare in Disasters
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Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, winter storms, heat waves, fires, hazardous material and nuclear disasters can happen anywhere, on any day and at anytime. Guests, Joe Alton, M.D. and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P., are the premiere Medical Preparedness professionals and authors of, the Survival Medicine Handbook. This book has sold over 50,000 copies and is a guide for those who want to be medically prepared for any disaster when help is NOT on the way. Connie Polke, Founder and Executive Director of CHUG, Collaborative Healthcare Urgency Group, teaches organizations how to plan for, respond to and recover from disasters and emergencies. Connie says the first plan everyone should have in place is to make sure their family is emergency prepared. Once you have your family plan in place, you can reach out to help others with what is needed and what is next, before or after a disaster.

Photo-2014-08-17-Joe-Amy Photo-2014-08-17 Photo-2014-08-17-Connnie-Polke

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Think of Everyday as a Blank Page

August 10, 2014

Wills, Trusts & Power of Attorney Blog
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More than half of Americans do not have a will, trust or power of attorney documents. This is where elder law attorney, Nancie Dorjath comes in providing these documents and more. Nancie says that having Power of Attorney Health Care is important, but so are HIPPA documents. The cost and time involved if you do not have these documents and they are needed, far outweighs getting them. Living Trusts serve when alive and after death, where as a will is only, upon death. Although many people do not know where to start, Dorjath Law Center could be the best place. Nancie and David develop lasting relationships with families that are much more, than just about documents. As a rarity in today’s business world, a company will stand out that goes above and beyond and Dorjath Law Center does just that! 630-761-3600

Photo-2014-08-10-Nancie-Dorjath Photo-2014-08-10-Dave-Dorjath

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Kindness Like a Boomerang Always Returns

August 3, 2014

Chicago Health Magazine
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So many magazines are now, only available on line. Skip Weiss, publisher of Chicago Health magazine knows well that people still enjoy reading an actual magazine. As a semi-annual publication Chicago Health provides progressive health articles. These articles are highly accessible to the everyday reader, in print or online. Chicago Health 2014 July edition, featured articles are about Cancer diagnosis and research. Expert guest, Dr. Michael Nishimura talks about cancer research and why we are in very interesting times. Soon, the FDA may approve a new drug for skin cancer. This drug could very well open doors for additional cancer drugs and therapies. Could chemotherapy and radiation, one day, be a thing of the past?  We can only hope, and if it is, Chicago Health magazine will most likely, be writing about it long before it happens.

Photo-2014-01-26-Skip-Weiss Photo-2014-08-03-ChiHealth Photo-2014-08-03-Michael-Nishimura

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You Can’t Recycle Wasted Time

July 27, 2014

Partners in Senior Care
Click Here for Show Podcast: AIR-2014-07-27.mp3

Chances are caregiving will directly or indirectly cross your path at some point in your lifetime. The demands on 65 million US caregivers can be overwhelming, especially if they feel they are in over their head or elderly themselves. President and Founder of Partners in Senior Care, Patricia Menoni knows very well why it is best to hire a professional caregiver. One very important factor is it allows a son or daughter to visit with an aging loved one and enjoy time together. Timing and warning signs are also important, as Angie Landmesser, Director of Business Development discusses. Angie says that we need to become a home care detective, asking the right questions before bringing any caregiver into a home. The good news is, we are starting to realize that hiring a professional caregiver is our best bet and Partners in Senior Care is a great place to start.

In the show, Trisha and Angie referred to some useful documents.
Here are the links:
10 Warning Signs Your Older Family Member May Need Help
Four Hour Minimum Maximum Benefits
Home Care Detective – Questions to Ask  847-548-1330

Photo-2012-08-04-Trisha-Menoni Partners-in-Senior-Care Photo-2014-07-27-Angie-Landmesser

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Procrastination is the Art of Living in Yesterday,
Ruining Your Today and Destroying Your Tomorrow

July 20, 2014

Brain Health
Click Here for Show Podcast: AIR-2014-07-20.mp3

The human brain has 100 billion neurons, with 1.5 pints of blood traveling through it, covering 100,000 miles of transport systems with one quadrillion connections. These are only a few reasons why, you want a healthy brain. Steven Fogel, author of Your Mind is What Your Brain Does For a Living, says that we have the ability to rewire our brains into a default programming by our choices. Scientist, Jeffrey Gignac works with brain wave stimulation and entrainment which affects focus, clarity, creativity, aging and more. Memory is another factor in overall brain health, as expert guest, Beverly Sanborn discusses. Beverly says, the most impactful thing you can do for your brain is physical exercise. It helps with blood and oxygen flow and new cells. Being calm is another important factor, because a calm brain, is a healthy brain.

Photo-2014-07-20-Steven-Fogel Photo-2014-07-20-Steven-Fogel-Book Photo-2014-07-20-Jeffrey-Gignac Photo-2014-07-20-Beverly-Sanborn

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How Others Treat You Is Their Karma, How You React is Yours

July 13, 2014

Brookdale Senior Living
Click Here for Show Podcast: AIR-2014-07-13.mp3

Our inner voice tells us we need to have a conversation, then our fear steps in and we put the conversation off. Consequences of no action, impacts everyone involved, especially an aging loved one. Expert guest, Carol Cummings, Senior Director of Optimum Life Engagement say’s that having a conversation about an aging loved one’s future, could be a gift. Timing is another important factor and it may take numerous conversations before the time is right. Sara Terry, Vice President of Customer Experience discusses senior living misconceptions and the transformation, compared to thirty years ago. So much is offered to residents at Brookdale Senior Living communities as Jennifer Piscitello, Regional Sales Manager talks about. Growing older doesn’t mean the options of living have to shrink and this is an absolute truth, especially at Brookdale Senior Living communities!

Photo-2014-07-13-Carol-Cummings Photo-2014-07-13-Sara-Terry Photo-2014-07-13-Jennifer-Piscitello

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Once You are Over the Hill, You Pick Up Speed

July 6, 2014

Fountains of Youth
Click Here for Show Podcast: AIR-2014-07-06.mp3

The Fountain of Youth was a mystic spring that would supposedly grant eternal life and vigor to whoever drank from it. Legends and myths about this tale have existed since ancient times. Today, we have the opportunity to create our own fountains with the advances in education and technology. Guest, Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso is a world renowned plastic surgeon who has the desire to make things more beautiful. Dr. LaGrasso adds alternative medicine and nutrition to the mix of looking your best physically. Gerontologist, Lori Campbell has a unique vision about growing older and vitality. Lori sees Telomere testing as the key. It allows us to measure our biological age and longevity and then learn how to expand our telomeres. With so many medical advances on the rise, we have only just begun looking our best at every age, and what could be better than that!

Photo-2014-07-06-Jeffrey-LaGrasso Photo-2014-01-12-Lori-Camplbell-Book Photo-2014-01-12-Lori-Campbell

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Everything Has Beauty, But Not Everyone Can See It

June 29, 2014

Seattle Sutton’s 2014 Slim Down Contest
Click Here for Show Podcast: AIR-2014-06-29.mp3

We have learned that, most of the time, losing weight comes down to calorie intake and how you burn them. Seattle Sutton, President and Founder of Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating takes the guesswork out of eating healthy and losing weight by providing fresh meals that are either 1,200, 1,500 or 2,000 calories. Rene Fisek, leading nutrition expert at SSHE says there are misconceptions about weight loss, and small details daily can make a big difference. Sue Kiefer, winner of the SSHE 2014 contest, lost 58 lbs in 4 months. Sue’s competitive nature helped, along with eating SSHE 1,200 calorie daily program, and exercising. Anyone can lose weight as long as they are willing to do what it takes and Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating is a great place to start!
800-442-DIET (3438)

Photo-2014-06-29-Rene-Ficek Photo-2014-06-29-SSHE-Logo SeattleSuttonContestEnd_042814_0161.JPG

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Happiness is Wanting What You Got

June 22, 2014

Longevity With Emeritus
Click Here for Show Podcast: AIR-2014-06-22.mp3

The fastest growing segment of our population are the centenarians who are living to be 100 years old along with super centenarians who are surpassing them at 110+. Different factors come into play with longevity such as genetics, life style, diet, exercise, staying social and many little things that can make a big difference. Emeritus Community Relations Director’s and expert guests, Mary Beth Beatty and Janet Cannon see many reasons why seniors are thriving. At Emeritus communities, it is the socialization, activities, a nutritional diet, friendships, sense of play and so much more that their residents experience. Isolation is a high risk for the many seniors who end up alone. They are much better off in a retirement community in their elder years. Participation has always been a function of health and Emeritus Communities offer that and so much more!
Emeritus at Burr Ridge – 630-920-2900
Emeritus at Prospect Heights – 847-797-2700

Photo-2014-06-22-Mary-Beth-Beatty Photo-2014-06-22-Janet-Cannon

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You Can Do Anything, But You Don’t Need to Do Everything

June 15, 2014

Father’s Day Show
Click Here for Show Podcast: AIR-2014-06-15.mp3

It was brainchild Sonora Smart who started circulating petitions pushing for an annual Father’s Day in 1909. It took until 1972 when Richard Nixon finally signed Father’s Day into the books, as a national holiday. As Chicago Radio Icon and guest, Clark Weber says, never give it to a politician to get it done quickly. Clark is the father of four girls, which include a set of twins and all being born within 27 months. Clark said, it was no work at all, although he did have his hands full at one point, when they started dating. Guest, Tony Mazza, is the opposite having two young boys. Tony explores the world with his sons, teaching them life values while creating memories from the ordinary. He says these are the things his children will remember most and feels that being a dad, is the best gift, life can offer a man!  708-562-9000

Photo-2012-12-08-Clark-Weber Photo-2014-06-08-Tony-Mazza

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A Lion Never Loses Sleep Over the Opinions of Sheep

June 8, 2014

Lyme Disease
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Sweet summer time may not be so sweet with the bugs, and especially ticks. Within 20 minutes of being bitten by a tick your nervous system can be affected. Lyme disease is difficult to diagnose and treat with the vast number of side effects and today’s type of testing. Dr. David Jernigan, the Founder of the Hansa Center for Optimum Health, works with patients who have chronic or acute diseases and many times, that is Lyme disease. Guest, Jenny Menzel, self-diagnosed Lyme disease after 12 years of living with symptoms. Jenny is now committed to completing her documentary on Lyme disease, teaching others what to expect. The good news is Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment are progressing and as with everything, progress is good!  316-686-5900

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Follow Your Heart, but Take Your Brain with You

June 1, 2014

Chicago Title Downsizing Options
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If you own property, are concerned about asset protection or your privacy, this show is for you! For over 100 years, Chicago Title Land Trust Company has been providing land trusts to their clients. Daniel Lanciotti and David Halperin, V.P. Executives at Chicago Title Land Trust Company see many scenarios where having a land trust, could have made a big difference. A land trust will give you asset protection from creditors, take care of probate issues and keep peace in the family when a death occurs. Whenever big changes occur in life, it is smart to review your legal documents and estate plan. As fraud and scams continue to grow with so much information available on the internet, your information should be kept private. A land trust will do just that and so much more!

Photo-2014-01-19-Daniel-Lanciotti Photo-2014-01-19-David-Halperin

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A Sharp Tongue Can Cut Your Throat

May 25, 2014

Excuse Me Doc, I’ve Got What?
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When you are diagnosed with a chronic disease or illness it can be one of your worst days, if not the worst day of your life. When the shock wears off and reality sets in, it is time to take action and become involved in your own care decisions. Expert guest, Dr. Melissa Clarke writes about this, in her book, “Excuse Me Doctor, I’ve Got What”. Her book will empower you to take ownership of your health and have healthcare reform work for you. If you are still feeling at odds, Care Consultant, Rebecca Denman will assist you with your care at the level that you need. Either way you choose, be a proactive patient, fully-engaged in your healthcare. If you do, chances are, you will have a much better outcome.

Photo-2014-05-25-Melissa-Clarke Photo-2014-05-25-Melissa-Clarke-Book IF

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It is Better to Be Slapped with the Truth, than Kissed with a Lie

May 18, 2014

Healthy Aging with Joan Lunden
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Joan Lunden is an extraordinary woman who helped millions of Americans, greet each day, as host of ABC’s Good Morning America, for nearly two decades. She is an award winning journalists, best-selling author, health and wellness entrepreneur, the face of America’s largest senior referral service, “A Place for Mom”, the Founder of Camp Reveille and the mother of seven children. Joan is the perfect example, that anything is possible. In fact, if we looked up sandwich generation in the dictionary, we would most likely find her picture. She needed to find care for her mother and this is when “A Place for Mom” crossed her path and helped her in many ways. When Joan is asked about her extraordinary life, she says, it is because she has said yes, to so many things and a yes, will most always, open doors!


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Laugh Often, It is the Music of the Soul

May 11, 2014

Ms. America Seniors
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder at every age. Ms. Arizona Senior 2004, Herme Sherry and Ms. Arizona 2013, Lee Lotze bring beauty and vitality to a whole new level, of aging gracefully. These two beauty queens are making their 2nd half their best half!  With vibrant beauty, elegance and grace they stay active and involved while making a difference in their communities.  Herme is the Executive Director of the Cameo Foundation. This foundation provides resources and training for victims of domestic violence to allow them to gain self- confidence and maximize their potential. Ms. Arizona 2103, Lee Lotze is a Grandette Dancer at age 73. Lee feels she is stuck at age 49, which is always a good place to be.  Both queens say, it is best to live your life with an ageless attitude and with that, you can accomplish anything that you set out too!

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100 Photo-2014-05-11-Cameo Photo-2014-05-11-Lee-Lotze

“Sue Says” Live Your Life and Forget Your Age!
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May 4, 2014

Sugar, the Bitter Truth
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The truth about sugar is much more than bitter. Sugar is an addictive, low grade toxic poison, just like any other addictive substance. The average person eats a minimum of 1/2 cup of sugar per day, which is overkill and on the low end. Expert guest, Bonnie Minsky, says that sugar addiction is bio-chemical and has very little to do with will power. We eat sugar and crave more, as the vicious cycle continues on. Combining foods properly can lower our glycemic index and help level sugar intake, which can greatly impact our health, as Holistic Health Coach, Brenda Hilander teaches. The less sugar you eat, the less inflammation you have and the stronger your immune system will be. The sweet bottom line is, you will live a healthier life without an abundance of, or any sugar!

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When You Know Better You Do Better

April 27, 2014

Scams, Fraud & Private Investigation
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Over 3 million consumers a year fall prey to scams, along with 10 million identity theft victims. These numbers are not going down, as elder law attorney, Kerry Peck sees firsthand. Kerry says that many senior citizens become victims of scams because they are the most vulnerable. Criminals are aware of this, and know that elder seniors are less likely to report a scam. They do not report scams for fear of looking foolish or being moved into a nursing home by family. Private Investigator, Bruce Graham, says that it is best to always follow your gut. If you have a doubt about something that may sound too good to be true, you are probably right. Contact your local authorities, hire a P.I. or reach out to those close to you, because it is best, when in doubt, to do without!

Photo-2014-04-27-Kerry-Peck Photo-2014-04-27-Bruce-Graham

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Despite Bad Days & Mean People
I Still Believe in Good Days and Kind People

April 20, 2014

Attitude & New Beginnings
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Attitude can make or break a marriage, family, friendship, a business, the best of times and so much more. If you have a choice, in every moment, bring the best you, to the party. Guest Roslyn Franken, had a big hurdle to overcome after being diagnosed with cancer at 29. She knew it was up to her as to how she would go through treatment. This is when she became inspired to write, her book, The A List with 9 Guiding Principles. Roslyn knows that we can lighten, and up for good using her principles. Guest, Stephen Erickson follows his “P” theory along with teaching the greatest human need, to be heard. Keep a positive attitude, learn to listen and your glass will be more than half full, as your life hurdles become easier to overcome.

Photo-2014-04-20-Roslyn-Franken Photo-2014-04-20-A-List Photo-2014-04-20-Stephen-Erickson

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Make a Choice, Take a Chance and Change Your Life

April 13, 2014

Emotional Liposuction
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As we get older, our emotional baggage weighs us down, which can lead us to try and suppress stuffed feelings by self-medicating, drinking or with happy endorphins, but they are temporary fixes. Chi Kung Master, Gary Clyman offers a onetime Emotional Liposuction treatment to rid the big emotions: abandonment, anger, rage and bitterness. Sounds a little hocus pocus, well, it is not. Master Clyman has treated over 10,000 patients from all over the world and knows that his Emotional Liposuction is the Cutting Edge in healing. He stimulates specifics and sucks out the issues that interfere with our happiness, relationships and even productivity. Violent change is a good thing because gradual change is so sleepy. One painful visit, for as little as 5 minutes or up to 45 and your negative emotions are gone for good. After treatment, Clyman’s clients notice a difference immediately and many are relieved from aches and pains they have had for years. I guess you could say, no pain no gain and Emotional Liposuction is more than worth, the gain!

Gary-Clyman Photo-2014-04-13-Gary-Clyman Photo-2014-04-13-Gary-Clyman

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A Hug is a Handshake from the Heart

April 6, 2014

Chronic Disease & Emotional Health
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Hope is on the Horizon, as Patricia Stephens, author of Reversing Chronic Disease: A Journey Back to Health says. Patricia shares her disabling story in her book and now works as a Certified Nutritional Consultant. She believes that masking symptoms with medication is costly, when hormonal and chemical imbalances are the root causes of many chronic diseases. Chronic disease or pain can wreak havoc on our emotional health. This is where, Emotional Health Trainer, Jenny Ellis, Ph.D. comes in. Jenny turned her life challenges into learning opportunities to help others with their emotional health. Never give up on your emotional or physical well being. Doctors are no longer being looked to, for all the answers. We must become our own health care advocates, combining eastern and western medicine  for our mind, body and spirit with the possibility, of optimum health.

Photo-2014-04-06-Patricia-Stephens Photo-2014-04-06-Patsy-Book Photo-2014-04-06-Jenny-Ellis

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A Smile is the Curve that Sets Everything Straight

March 30, 2014

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If you are one of the lucky ones to a live a long life, you will at some point need care and assistance. Planning ahead is the key, and hopefully, long before a health crisis occurs.  Not all senior living communities are alike, as today’s  smart and savvy consumers are well aware of. Emeritus Senior Living Community, a CCRC, makes sure all of their residents live with their simple promise of “Our Family is committed to Yours”. At over 500 Emeritus communities across the United States, teams of highly qualified senior care professionals cater to the unique needs of each resident. Family members gain peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are in a safe and comfortable community. As said at Emeritus, “Care, it’s more than what we do, it’s who we are” and yes it is!
Emeritus at Burr Ridge: 630-920-2900
Emeritus at Prospect Heights: 847-797-2700

Photo-2014-03-30-Emeritus1 EmeritusLogo-New Photo-2014-03-30-Emeritus2

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The Bad News is Time Flies, the Good News is You’re the Pilot

March 23, 2014

B12 & the Supplement Pyramid
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Consumers are offered thousands of choices for vitamins and supplements. Some are attached with words such as organic, natural or certified along with packaging of foods, claiming they are the health superstars with vitamins added. So many choices create confusion and uncertainty. Guest, Sally Polochok, an ER nurse, sees many misdiagnoses that she knows come from B12 deficiencies. B12 greatly impacts our health. It is so important to know if you are deficient in B12, especially as we age. Dr. Michael Smith’s book, the Supplement Pyramid, simplifies how to build your personalized nutritional program. Start with the basics, a multi-vitamin, Omega 3, Co-Q10 and a pro-biotic and add levels based on your specific needs. Best of all, by building your own personalized program, you can change it as your needs change and stay in charge of your health!

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Photo-2014-03-16-Sally-Polochok-Book Photo-2014-03-16-Michael-Smith-Book Photo-2013-12-15-Michael-Smith

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Don’t Look Back, You Are Not Going That Way

March 16, 2014

Spring Time Is Puppy Time
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Dogs keep you healthy, they bring you unconditional love and can extend your life. It takes very little time before our four legged friends are part of the family. Establishing boundaries early on is important, and this is where Professional Dog Trainer Wendy Greenfield comes in. Wendy’s knows from her 20 years of dog training that the bond between a dog and their owner only gets stronger, as dogs learn to please their masters. Socialization skills are another important factor which can be developed by being around other dogs and people. You want to give your pooch the greatest opportunity to do what they do best and that is “Be a Dog”. Not just any dog, a well trained happy dog on a mission to love and please you with a forever bond!

Wendy Greenfield
Professional Dog Trainer

Photo-2014-03-16-Wendy-Greenfield1 Photo-2014-03-16-Wendy-Greenfield2 Photo-2014-03-16-Wendy-Greenfield3 Photo-2014-03-16-Wendy-Greenfield4

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We Don’t Stop Playing Because We Grow Old, We Grow Old Because We Stop Playing

March 9, 2014

Selling Your Valuables & Moving
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As we age, the transition of moving is not only a top stressor, it also greatly effects our emotional health. Saying goodbye to a place that you have been familiar with for years can bring about a range of emotions. You may have valuable items that you no longer want and this is where Jordan Kagan comes in. With honesty, integrity and years of experience, Jordan will safely sell your valuables. Sue and Mark Fadden, owners of Caring Transitions suggests that you surround yourself with a support team of professionals and move in the shortest amount of time. By hiring reputable professionals who are sensitive to all issues surrounding transitions, moving can be easy at any age. In no time at all, moving will be an afterthought, as you settle into your new, “Home Sweet Home”.

Photo-2014-03-09-Jordan-Kagan Photo-2014-03-09-Sue-Fadden Photo-2014-03-09-Mark-Fadden

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Life is Not Measured By Its Length, But By Its Depth

March 2, 2014

Secure Retirement with American Equity
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The question on the forefront with much concern today for baby boomers and seniors is, will I out live my retirement? The biggest mistake made, is failing to plan. Ron Grensteiner is the President of American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company, an American owned and operated company. Ron knows, American Equity gives their customers secure retirement investments. John O’Connor, President of O’Connor & Associates represents American Equity and assists his clients with a plan to not outlive their retirement and maximize their social security benefits. Your investment will be supported by a minimum guarantee while you are preserving your premium and watching your investment grow. John O’Connor being the safe money man, will give you peace of mind, knowing that you will never lose any of your investment.

Photo-2013-10-13-Ron-Grensteiner Photo-2012-01-14-OConnorB

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If You Know Every Thing You Cannot Learn Anything

February 23, 2014

Self Sabotage & Weight Loss
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When we say that we want something, then go about making sure it doesn’t happen, this is self-sabotage. Weight loss and self-sabotage can go together making it difficult, if not impossible, to reach our goals.  Guest, Tim Shurr, says we must learn to use our inner resources as we develop emotional intelligence to obtain our goals. Even if you are on track with your weight loss goal, medical reasons can slow down your metabolism, making it much more difficult to keep weight off once it is lost. Dr. Joseph Mazzei, says that inflammation is one of the biggest reasons our metabolism becomes sluggish. You can optimize your metabolism by balancing your hormones, reducing inflammation, eliminating toxins and finding out what food sensitivities you may have. Once this happens, you are on your way to reaching your weight loss goals as you put self-sabotage on the back burner. 866-962-5689

Photo-2014-02-23-Tim-Shurr Photo-2014-02-23-Self-Sabotage-Cover Photo-2014-02-23-Joseph-Mazzei2

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Love Getting There As Much as Being There

February 16, 2014

Heart Health & Stress
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Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States, counting for one out of every four deaths. Daily activities and a healthy diet can help build a strong heart and ward off heart disease, as Kathy Gruver, Natural Health Speaker and Practitioner says. Cholesterol myths and medication, along with hypertension, hypotension and stress are areas Kathy relates to. Stress is a silent killer that greatly impacts heart disease. Kathy describes a mini-meditation which can be used at any time to combat stress and for heart health. Keep in mind, even at rest our heart works twice as hard as a leg muscle of a person running. Get active, eat healthy, maintain your weight and build a strong heart. The strength of your heart muscle will always impact your health and most importantly, your longevity!

Photo-2013-02-23-Kathy-Gruver1 Photo-2012-09-15-Kathy-Gruver Photo-2013-02-23-Kathy-Gruver2

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A Bend in the Road is Not an End of the Road

February 9, 2014

Love, Love, Love & Relationships
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Valentine’s Day, here it is again, the love holiday. Worldwide over 50 million roses  and 36 million heart shaped boxes of chocolates are sold to celebrate and acknowledge love on this holiday.  Guest, psychotherapist & author, Elliot Connie talks about  relationships and his newest book, The Solution Focused Marriage. Elliott’s book presents five simple habits that when applied, relationships see immediate results. The habits are simple and they work. Guest, Kathryn Raaker being married for 44 years says that her marriage success is from  having open communication along with kindness and intimacy. From Granny Panties to Thongs, co-authored by Penny Burke, says it is never too late to find love, as our libido lives on. When Valentine’s Day comes with high expectations, it may rob you of joy. Keep your expectations at bay, express your love to those in your life and enjoy Valentine’s Day once again!

Photo-2014-02-09-Elliot-Connie Photo-2014-02-09-Kathryn-Raaker Photo-2014-02-09-Penny-Burke Photo-2014-02-09-Book-Cover

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Beauty Without Grace is the Hook Without Bait

February 2, 2014

Healthy Bones
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Strong bones play a vital role in supporting our overall health. Many times breaking a bone can start a downward health spiral leading to much worse. Osteoporosis is an epidemic with projections that one out of every two people by 2020 will have the disease. Jenny Mandell, Founder & President, and Phoebe Manalang, CEO of Break 4 Health see a better way. They just may have found the fountain of youth for building strong bones. Bio Density and Power Plate machines not only builds strong bones it can reverse Osteoporosis and help with many other diseases. Jenny and Phoebe, continuously see their clients improving in ways they never knew was possible. Bio Density and Power Plate machines are highly effective and will become the way of the future to keep our bones strong as we continue to age, but not grow old.

Photo-2014-02-02-Jenny-Mandell Photo-2014-02-02-Phoebe-Manalang

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Never Let What You Can’t Do Interfere with What You Can Do

January 26, 2014

Weight Management & Obesity
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A trend in weight management with a focus on our health is finally here! If you are overweight or obese you are wreaking havoc on your health in many ways. Seattle Sutton, President and Founder of Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating, knows it is all about calories in and calories burned. Seattle says we must eat healthy, portion controlled meals that are highly nutritious and without chemical additives to manage our weight. Skip Weiss, publisher of Chicago Health magazine says that staying active is as important as eating healthy. Chicago Health magazine’s January edition cover story is about obesity, calling Chicago, The City of Big. Weight management is not a science. Eat healthy portion controlled meals and stay active. If you do this, chances are, you will live a much longer and happier life.

Photo-2014-01-26-Seattle-Sutton Photo-2014-01-26-Skip-Weiss chciagohealthcoverjan

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If You Stumble Make It Part of the Dance

January 19, 2014

Land Trust
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If you own property, are concerned about asset protection or your privacy, this show is for you! For over 100 years, Chicago Title Land Trust Company has been providing land trusts to their clients. Daniel Lanciotti and David Halperin, V.P. Executives at Chicago Title Land Trust Company see many scenarios where having a land trust, could have made a big difference. Attorney Sean Robertson says that a land trust will give you asset protection from creditors, take care of probate issues and keep peace in the family when a death occurs. Whenever big changes occur in life, it is smart to review your legal documents and estate plan. As identity theft continues to grow with so much information available on the internet, your information should be kept private. A land trust will do just that and so much more! 312-223-2195

Photo-2014-01-19-Daniel-Lanciotti Photo-2014-01-19-David-Halperin Photo-2014-01-19-Sean-Robertson

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Make Someone Happy This Year & Start with Yourself

January 12, 2014

Ageless Aging
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Baby boomers & seniors today are aging but not growing old, as seen in today’s first guest, Cathi Watson. At age 80, Cathi exercises daily, is a performer, blog talk radio host, author and speaker. With a mission is to change the world’s perception of aging now, Cathi is doing just that! Gerontologist, Lori Campbell says that age is measured chronologically, biologically and psychologically. Biological Telomere testing gives us clues to one’s longevity by checking cellular aging. Results can show that with a few minor changes in nutrition and or lifestyle, a longer and healthier life is highly possible. As we progress with cutting- edge technology, we may not only predict disease, but be able to prevent it. This could allow longevity and well being to go hand in hand naturally as the centenarian population continues to grow.

Photo-2014-01-12-Cathy-Watson Photo-2014-01-12-Lori-Campbell Photo-2014-01-12-Lori-Camplbell-Book

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We Cannot Direct the Wind, But We Can Adjust the Sails

January 5, 2014

Loving Yourself & Others
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How about a year of loving yourself? When we learn to love ourselves, loving others, occurs more naturally. Self love is not familiar to most of us. We do not wake up and think about all the ways we are going to love and care for ourselves. For most, this feels unnatural and selfish to even consider taking care of ourselves first. Sue Elliot, Founder & Chief Editor of the Law of Attraction Magazine and a Three Wishes Coach, knows the value of self love. Sue suggests practicing small steps to learn to self love. Shift your experiences in a way that’s not just powerful, but truly self-empowering and self honoring. Become a better person for yourself and others as you keep practicing making 2014 an extraordinary year!

27 February 2013:    Sue Elliott, Editor-in-Chief of Law Of Attraction Magazine Law-of-Attraction-Magazine

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Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle