August 31, 2014

Our Kids, Our Future
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Our kids are learning today and will be leading tomorrow. Many positive and negative comments are made, about relating to our kids today. Relating to anyone, at any age, works better, if you can discuss your different points of view and kids are no different. Our kids today are much more advanced than past generations, being smart, tech savvy and more mature at a younger age. Four courageous guests, 9 year old Julia, 10 year old Peyton and Joe and Sam who are 13, are extraordinary kids with many interests. They talk about their interests, school, family, technology and more. They suggested the best way for adults to communicate with them is through having fun, dinners and vacations together, but most importantly as Julia said, put your devices away. Julia called it for what it is and all adults should take note!

Photo-2014-08-31-Julia Photo-2014-08-31-Peyton Photo-2014-08-31-Joe Photo-2014-08-31-Sam

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