PAWS Chicago

PAWS Chicago is a national model in animal sheltering, committed to bringing an end to the killing of homeless cats and dogs in our community. Since PAWS Chicago’s founding in 1997, the number of homeless pets killed in the city has been reduced by 60% from 42,561 to fewer than 18,000.

As the largest No Kill shelter in the region, PAWS Chicago’s Core Pillars of No Kill include adoptions, targeted spay/neuter, state-of-the-art shelter medicine and robust volunteer and community involvement.

In 2012, PAWS Chicago’s state-of-the-art, cageless Lincoln Park Adoption Center, found homes for more than 5,600 cats and dogs, the majority of which originated from Chicago’s Animal Care & Control (the city pound). PAWS Chicago also operates the Lurie Spay/Neuter Clinic and GusMobile Spay/Neuter Van which performed more than 18,000 free and low-cost targeted spay/neuter surgeries in 2012 in Chicago’s most at-risk and under-resourced communities.

As a No Kill organization, PAWS Chicago is committed to the life of every pet in its care, treating every cat and dog as an individual with respect and dignity.

PAWS Chicago does not receive any financial support from federal, state or local government agencies and is 100 percent reliant upon the community’s generosity.  Every dollar raised goes directly to saving the lives of more homeless pets.

For a behind-the-scenes look at how PAWS Chicago is creating a No Kill community, please view this touching video:

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