Bright Oaks Group

A revolutionary new kind of senior community, Bright Oaks Group is a significant departure from stagnant eldercare that warehouses aging members of our society. At Bright Oaks, our researched approach to assisted living and memory care differs from any other senior housing options. We personify our motto, “Life Happens Here,” by choosing to embrace life, value each other just as we are, and encourage each other to continue to grow and pursue active lives filled with meaning.

Sidebox-BrightOaksAfter visiting more than 100 senior care facilities, Bright Oaks Founder Nader Kameli was convinced that an entirely different, fresh approach was desperately needed. He envisioned a place that embraces the individual at all stages of life-a remarkable community where seniors in need of assistance choose to move for a continually fulfilling life.

At Bright Oaks, we believe all people possess potential, no matter our age or ability. As aging occurs, so do physical changes. But our lives remain dynamic and joyful if we’re encouraged to grow. Each moment is an opportunity for new experiences, and each individual at Bright Oaks is an active, participating member of our community. Each person makes our community “home” with his/her presence, participation, and leadership.

Bright Oaks is filled with welcoming households that thrive in a multi-generational, family-style atmosphere, where they live with purpose, set goals, and see value in themselves and their accomplishments. We call it “Purposeful Family Living.” This approach to life can slow age-related decline and even reverse some of its effects. The Bright Oaks model of care is based on scientific evidence to deliver a higher quality of life through social stimulation and engagement, not medication.

See the Bright Oaks difference by visiting or call (312) 888-4400 to learn how “Life Happens Here.”

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