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All Aging Info Radio shows in 2010 aired on WJJG AM 1530

Dangers & Downfalls of Internet Meds
Carmen Catizone, Executive Director, National Assoc. Boards of Pharmacy
Steve Himenz, Owner, Elm Plaza Pharmacy
Download: AIR-2010-12-30.mp3

Deck the Halls With No Falls
Michael Bearce, Executive Director, Fall Prevention Clinics
David Laidlaw, MBA, Manager, Shay Health Care
Download: AIR-2010-12-16.mp3

Holiday Happiness & Fulfillment
Jeff Studinski, President & Managing Partner, Revolutionizing Growth
Deb Scott, Author, Certified Personal Coach & Author
Download: AIR-2010-12-09.mp3

Four Paws & a Bow
Rochelle Michalek, Executive Director, Paws Chicago
Sumner Davenport, Coach, Author & Speaker
Download: AIR-2010-12-02.mp3

Medicare & Medicare Scams
Chad Koenekamp, Supervisor United Health Care
Dr. David Scheiner, MD
Download: AIR-2010-11-18.mp3

Are Your Doc’s in a Row?
Diana Law, Managing Partner, Law Elder Law
Kerry Peck, Chairman of National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
Peck Bloom, LLC
Download: AIR-2010-11-11.mp3

Grand Families in the Courtship of Life
Michael Craven, Attorney at Law, CPA
Linette Kinchen, Executive Director, GRAND Families Program of Chicago
Amelia Diamant-Holstrom, Media Specialist & Author
Download: AIR-2010-11-04.mp3

Woman Want Men & We Want Them Healthy
Dr. Weise, MD Older Adult Health Care
Dr. Ostric, MD Director & Upper Extremity Specialists
Download: AIR-2010-10-28.mp3

Financial Possibilities in a Tight Economy
Tim Frisby, Registered Investment Advisor, Wealth Care Consultants
Jerry Schmitt, Principal, Veteran’s Assistance
Download: AIR-2010-10-21.mp3

TLC for the Greatest Generation
Charlotte Bishop President & Founder of Creative Case Management
Dr. Eric Shapira, Clinical Gerontologists & Author
Download:  AIR-2010-10-14.mp3

Cancer Department of Defense
Joy Rosenberg, Regional Communications Coordinator
American Cancer Society
Joni James Aldrich, Author & Speaker
CEO Cancer Lifeline Publications
Download: AIR-2010-10-07.mp3

Are the Eyes Really the Window to the Soul?
Kathie Warpinski, Doctor of Naturopathy, Iridology Expert
Dr. Mark Golman, Opthalmologist, Medical Director
Download: AIR-2010-09-30.mp3

How are you fueling yourself for the Human Race?
Seattle Sutton on Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating
www.seattlesutton.com 1-800-442-DIET
Download: AIR-2010-09-23.mp3

Laughter Therapy (Our pilot show, Sept. 9, 2010)
Colleen Caron, R.N. & Certified Laughter Leader
Alexian Brothers Behavorial Health Hospital Community Liason
Download: AIR-2010-09-09.mp3