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An Awesome Life
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Living an awesome life today seems more difficult than in the past. It may be, as adults, we tend to form the nasty habit of having to be self-sufficient, which can close our hearts. Educator and national speaker, Rich Wessenberg has been helping others build believing hearts for 26 years. He writes about it in his book, “Treasures of the Believing Heart”. Add in humor and it can take you thru life’s ups and downs, as award winning keynote speaker and Jollytologist, Allen Klein, knows well. In Allen’s most recent book, “You Can’t Ruin My Day” with 52 wake-up calls that give you more joy and less stress. Best of all, a believing heart and sense of humor can turn any situation around, allowing you to live an awesome life, every day, no matter what!   

Rich Wessenberg – Email:
Link to: Treasures of the Believing Heart

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If You Love Life, It Will Love You Back

Rich Wessenberg Educator and national speaker

Rich Wessenberg
Educator and
national speaker

Rich's Book

Rich’s Book

Allen Klein Jollytologist

Allen Klein

April 17, 2016

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Chronic Kidney Disease affects approximately 13% of Americans. These numbers have increased 3% over the last decade due to more people being diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. If Kidney Disease leads to dialysis, it is so important to choose a care center that empowers you and your life. At NxStage Kidney Care they provide compassionate and individualized care, as expert guest and Medical Director, Dr. William Whittier talks about. His dedicated team does not allow dialysis to define a patient’s life. They accommodate a patient based on their lifestyle and preferences. Guest, Robert Huhn, Dr. Whittier’s patient, talks about his personal experience with NxStage Kidney Care and how they crossed his path. Robert loves to RV with his wife and dialyzing does not get in his way at all, because of NxStage Kidney Care!

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Courage is Contagious

Dr. William Whittier Medical Director

Dr. William Whittier
Medical Director

Robert Huhn Dr. Whittier's patient

Robert Huhn
Dr. Whittier’s patient

April 10, 2016

Advocacy Heals U
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A major event can cause a turning point in your life that forever changes your perspective. It can be through this event that you learn something critical that other people need to know. From the passion within, this is where a normal person who achieves abnormal results choses to become an Advocate. Expert guests, Joni James Aldrich and Chris Jerry co-authored their book, “Advocacy Heals U”. This came about after they learned how parallel their lives were with their own personal losses. An Advocate may be speaking up for them self, someone else or for a cause that is based on a need. No matter what it is, some benefits start immediately by just taking action. It also feels great to wake up every day helping others and making a difference and yes, it definitely does, help heal!
Download information about Joni & Chris’ book: Advocacy Heals U Advocating 4 Advocates.docx

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No One is in Charge of Your Happiness Accept You!

Joni James Aldrich

Joni James Aldrich

Chris Jerry

Chris Jerry

April 3, 2016

Outsmarting Alzheimer’s
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Alzheimer’s is one of the cruelest diseases to an individual and their family. It can be heart wrenching to watch a family member lose their memory with this dreadful disease. As we learn more about the neurosciences and with continued research, we are advancing. Expert guest, Kenneth Kosik, MD talks about the latest scientific research with his six “Smarts”. These “Smarts” are simple enough such as doing things like dancing, talking to strangers, enjoying a glass of wine with dinner, joining a book club and more, to reduce the risk. Expert guest, Daniel Kuhn has been educating on Dementia and Alzheimer’s for the past three decades. Daniel discusses how Alzheimer’s begins, as written about in his book, “Alzheimer’s Early Stages.” Learning about Alzheimer’s and what you can do to outsmart it, can definitely help and hopefully, at some point there will be a cure!

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The Size of the Love is the Size of the Loss

Kenneth Kosik, MD

Kenneth Kosik, MD

Dr. Kosik's Book

Dr. Kosik’s Book

Daniel Kuhn, MSW

Daniel Kuhn, MSW

Daniel Kuhn's Book

Daniel Kuhn’s Book

March 27, 2016

Celebration of Life
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In today’s society we live with much more anxiety and stress than in prior decades. Finding a way to de-stress is so important for overall health and wellbeing. The Art of Living Foundation works in partnership with the International Association for Human Value to create violence free and stress free society. Both organizations together have touched 370 million lives in 155 countries, during their 35 years of service. Expert guest and Executive Director of IAHV, Filiz Odabas-Geldiay discusses their three prong approach to wellbeing and peace. It consists of breathing, mediation and silence practices. All of these help with anxiety, stress, wellbeing and more. Expert guest, Susan White teaches the Art of Living – Happiness Program. In this program you gain a greater vision of who you that allows you to lead a deeply fulfilling and more peaceful life with happiness along the way. What could be better than that!

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Kindness in Giving Creates Love

Filiz Odabas-Geldlay Executive Director of IAHV

Filiz Odabas-Geldlay
Executive Director

Susan White Happiness Teacher

Susan White
Happiness Teacher

March 20, 2016

JenCare Medical Centers
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When a doctor becomes a patient, everything changes. That is what happened to Dr. James Chen. Inspired by his own life threatening illness, he developed a whole new way of delivery for medical services with JenCare. Expert guest, Dr. Emory discusses in detail, how JenCare, Board Certified Doctors and Specialists are greatly impacting the lives of seniors with personalized healthcare. With specialists on staff, an in house pharmacy and much more, helps eliminate healthcare breakdowns. Chicago, Market Sales Manager, Joseph Miles talks about the tremendous growth JenCare is experiencing due to patient referrals. In house activities are also offered to their patients. Staying active and being social is another important aspect of remaining healthy. JenCare is leading the way with their superior level of care. Best of all, they are making a positive impact on patients and their health!

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Do Not Regret Growing Older, it is a Privilege Denied to Many

Lakshmi Emory, MD, MPH, Medical Director, JenCare Chicago

Lakshmi Emory, MD,
MPH, Medical Director,
JenCare Chicago

Joseph Miles, Market Sales Manager, JenCare Chicago

Joseph Miles,
Market Sales Manager,
JenCare Chicago

March 13, 2016

The Future of Social Security
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We have approximately 55 million people receiving some type of social security income today. With the large demographics of aging Americans and less people in the work place, social security income where it is today, may not be this way, in the future. When Social Security started in 1935, the retirement age was 65. The financial burden did not seem so great with a much shorter life expectancy. Today our life expectancy continues to increase with the largest growing segment of our population being centenarians. Living past 100 years old was not expected when social security started. The policy makers in Washington keep putting their heads in the sand about our social security problem which is leaving fewer and few options. The risk being, in the future, Social Security Income will no longer be the backbone of our retirement!

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You Cannot Have a Positive Life with a Negative Mind

John O’Connor Your Safe Money Man

John O’Connor
Your Safe Money Man

March 6, 2016

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The term “nursing home” has become archaic, and is rarely used by industry professionals. Senior housing-living, including rehabilitation, has many different levels of living and care. Although some communities are better than others, sadly, some are being called God’s waiting rooms or human warehousing. Nader Kameli, Founder & CEO of Bright Oaks Group visited 197 assisted living communities to see what was missing. With his brilliant creativity, Nader is creating communities where everyone matters and they get to experience life to its fullest. Renata Cichowicz tells us how Bright Oaks Group is different and why life happens there with so much joy, fun and love! Denise True discusses Bright Oaks Group Assisted Independence Living. Denise works with families to make sure they fully understand why growing old is optional at Bright Oaks Group, as they put the living into senior living!

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Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest

Nader Kameli Founder & CEO

Nader Kameli
Founder & CEO

Renata Cichowicz V.P of Sales & Marketing

Renata Cichowicz
V.P of Sales & Marketing

Denise True Family Advocate

Denise True
Family Advocate

February 28, 2016

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We learn at a young age that we must do our homework. The same principal continues to apply throughout life. When we do not do our homework it can bring on additional stress and wreak havoc in our life. Buying or selling a home has been called “The Most Stressful” life event, which is another reason why, you must do your homework. Who you choose to work with, is also very important. Guests, Mark Rantis, Senior Real Estate Concierge, Attorney, Stan Czaja, Mortgage Banker and Sergio GianGrande make sure that all the important details are taken care of prior to starting your real estate buying or selling process. The best news about this “Real Estate Winning Trifecta Team” is by working closely together from the get go, chances are, you will get exactly what you want!

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Nothing is Impossible, Just Some Things Are Less Likely Than Others

Your Winning Trifecta

Your Winning Trifecta

February 21, 2016

Heart Rx & Resiliency
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More than 25 million Americans currently have heart disease and an additional 120 million living with risk factors for developing it. One in every two Americans will suffer a cardiovascular event that will end in heart attack, stroke or death. It is a fact that stress and other negative emotions contribute to at least 25 percent of all heart attacks. Expert guest Dr. Michael Miller is the author of “Heal Your Heart.” As Michael writes about, positive emotions can prevent and reverse heart disease and reduce your risks. Elder Care expert, Joy Loverde says there is a science to aging successfully. We must have a willingness to accept and adapt to inevitable life changes and with resiliency. Add in an attitude of gratitude and you have tools that have you aging, but not growing old!

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It’s Not What You Gather, It’s What You Scatter

Michael Miller, MD Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine Director of Center for Preventitive Cardiology

Michael Miller, MD
Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine
Director of Center for
Preventitive Cardiology

Dr. Miller's Book

Dr. Miller’s Book

Joy Loverde Elder Care Expert Author & Speaker

Joy Loverde
Elder Care Expert
Author & Speaker

February 14, 2016

Relationships & Dating
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Valentine’s Day is a day to acknowledge and appreciate those in your life who you love. Expert guest, Amy Sherman sheds some light on the basics of relationships and dating which usually include a few ups and downs. Both people must work to keep romance alive, as expert guest, Chad Stone talks about. No matter how long you have been a couple, it is never too late to spice up your love life. The sparks may have simmered but, they are most likely, not gone. With a little creativity and spontaneity you and your significant other can see each other in a brand new light. If you are single, surround yourself by the love of your friends and family and know intimate love is probably right around the corner, if you want it.

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Stop Thinking & Start Trusting

Amy Sherman

Amy Sherman

Chad Stone

Chad Stone

Chad's Book

Chad’s Book

February 7, 2016

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February is “Love” month with Valentine’s Day being one of the holidays. This day gives us the opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate those in our life that we love. Not everyone may have that luxury. Many could be grieving the loss of a loved one and this time of year triggers more grief. Expert guest, Dr. Jamie Turndorf, also known as Dr. Love, says that we can make peace with the deceased and reconnect with them. In her most recent book, “Love Never Dies” Dr. Jamie talks about being in a state of receptivity and creating pockets of peace to connect. This allows us to travel through grief more easily, knowing that love lives on. Dr. Jamie’s book, “Love Never Dies” is guaranteed to give immense hope to those grieving the loss of a loved one. It could also very well be the most perfect Valentine’s Day gift for anyone grieving.

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We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve

Dr. Jamie Turndorf "Dr. Love"

Dr. Jamie Turndorf
“Dr. Love”

Dr. Turndorf's Book

Dr. Turndorf’s Book

January 31, 2016

Vitamin D Facts
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Vitamin D, often called the “sunshine vitamin,” is an important nutrient and perhaps one of the most underrated. It behaves like a hormone in the body, playing a crucial role in supporting and maintaining bone health. Expert guests, Dr. Wayne Cichowicz and Dr. Dan Richardson point out that sunshine must be absorbed into the skin to receive the benefits of Vitamin D, as they discuss the many ways to maintain and build strong bones. As pointed out, vitamin D must have D3 in it, if taken in capsule form. In addition to vitamin D3, by adding calcium and magnesium you have a trifecta that will greatly support bone health. Weight training fitness is another factor that will help build strong bones. Many medications deplete vitamins which should also be considered when taking a pharmaceutical drug for anyone to have optimal health!

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Opportunity Dances with Those Already on the Dance Floor

Dr. Wayne Cichowicz Naprapath & Dietitian

Dr. Wayne Cichowicz
Naprapath & Dietitian

Dr. Daniel Richardson Pharmacologist & Clinical Nutritionist

Dr. Daniel Richardson
Pharmacologist & Clinical Nutritionist

January 24, 2016

Thyroid Awareness Month
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The thyroid gland is a power house located just above our Adams Apple. It controls over 70 things in our body, including our metabolism, body temperature, muscle strength, heart, brain, kidneys, skin and much more. The fact is, if your thyroid isn’t working properly, neither are you. Expert guest, Dr. Kajiki, Founder of Valley Thyroid Institute helps others heal. He guides his patients through a process of identifying underline issues and offering an all-natural protocol for healing the entire body. Thyroid health can be very aligned with natural healing, as expert guest, Billie Topa Tate references to. Being Mescalero Apache, Billie is dedicated to presenting her sacred principles, doctrines and teachings. She is the Founder of MSI – Mystical Sciences Institute, a place to learn about thyroid health and so much more!

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Look For the Magic in Your Day!

Dr. Gil Kajiki

Dr. Gil Kajiki

Billie Topa Tate

Billie Topa Tate

January 17, 2016

Healthy Eyes & Ears
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At or close to the age of forty, our vision and hearing may start to weaken. We could already wear contacts, glasses or readers and may have assumed we never would. Exercising the eye is just like any other part of the body. The exercises can help maintain healthy vision and possibly even eliminate the need for glasses. Expert guest and Natural Vision Educator, John Monroe knows this well after teaching Dr. Bankers Self Help Vision Program for twenty years. You should also have your hearing checked at about age 40. Many factors today add to hearing problems that were not there years ago. Expert guest and Doctor of Audiology, Dawn Heiman discusses the problems and why baby boomers are much more likely than past generations to wear hearing aids. The good news is, hearing aids today are so small you can barely see them!

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There Are No Do Overs Only Start Overs

John Monroe

John Monroe

Dr. Dawn Heiman

Dr. Dawn Heiman

January 10, 2016

Contagious Emotions & Heart
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Emotional health and wellbeing is important for you and for those who are close to you. Expert guest, Dr. Ron Podell says our emotions spread from person to person, especially within families and marriages. Positive emotions can inspire and lift us up and negative emotions may do the opposite. Many times we are unconsciously aware that we are mimicking and matching the moods of others. Dr. Toni Luisa Rivera, guest and author of, “A Propelled Heart”, teaches that our emotions play a vital role in healing or causing illness. Awareness and listening to our body’s messages can cause healing on a much deeper level. Dr. Toni listened to her body’s physical pain that allowed her to unlock wounds of the past. This is possible for everyone; it can be done and will impact the quality of your life, forever!

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Happiness is not Something that Just Comes to You, it is an Active Process

Dr. Ron Podell

Dr. Ron Podell

Dr. Toni Luisa Rivera

Dr. Toni Luisa Rivera


Dr. Rivera’s Book

January 3, 2016

Journey of Healing
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With every New Year’s Eve come resolutions, and the top three are health related. Six weeks into the year, many have fallen to the wayside, although intuitively, we know our health is our greatest wealth. Expert guest, Dr. Kathy Gruver talks about her most recent book, Journey of Healing, a woman’s path to healing self and others. As a speaker, author and educator, Dr. Kathy Gruver has much too teach as she inspires others to have better health. Body, mind and spirit must all be working in sync to encompass our complete health. Utilizing both, eastern and western medicine can offer greater health, vitality and wellbeing to all. Dr. Gruver lives by the term Go for It, Living Life to the Fullest, which in itself, can enhance your health at any age or stage in life!

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The Meaning of Life is to Find Your Gift, and the Purpose of Life is to Give It Away!

Dr. Kathy Gruver Author, Journey of Healing

Dr. Kathy Gruver
Journey of Healing

Kathy's Book

Kathy’s Book