February 7, 2016

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February is “Love” month with Valentine’s Day being one of the holidays. This day gives us the opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate those in our life that we love. Not everyone may have that luxury. Many could be grieving the loss of a loved one and this time of year triggers more grief. Expert guest, Dr. Jamie Turndorf, also known as Dr. Love, says that we can make peace with the deceased and reconnect with them. In her most recent book, “Love Never Dies” Dr. Jamie talks about being in a state of receptivity and creating pockets of peace to connect. This allows us to travel through grief more easily, knowing that love lives on. Dr. Jamie’s book, “Love Never Dies” is guaranteed to give immense hope to those grieving the loss of a loved one. It could also very well be the most perfect Valentine’s Day gift for anyone grieving.


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We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve

Dr. Jamie Turndorf "Dr. Love"

Dr. Jamie Turndorf
“Dr. Love”

Dr. Turndorf's Book

Dr. Turndorf’s Book

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