2011 Show Podcasts WJJG

All Aging Info Radio shows in 2011 aired on WJJG AM 1530

Spirituality & Joy
Sandi Athey, Medical Intuitive & Healer
Jamie Silver, District Leader SGI-USA
(This was the final show on WJJG-AM)
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Solutions & Tasks
Amie Hyman, LSW, ACSW, MA, President & Owner, Heartfelt Solutions for Seniors, Inc.
Misha Garafalo, CEO & President, Handle My Task
Download: AIR-2011-09-22.mp3

Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating & the Medical Benefits
Seattle Sutton, RN, BSN, President & Founder
Paula Heaton, RN, BSN, Director of National Delivery
Erin Borgstrom, Communications Coordinator
Anna Egofske, Program Director
Download: AIR-2011-09-15.mp3

Concord & Divine
Tony Mazza, Director of Sales, Concord Place Retirement & Assisted Living
Lili Diaz, Intake Coordinator, Divine Providence Home Health Services, Inc.
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Caregiving at it’s Best
Jeanette Cesaretti, Director of Operations, Suburban Home Care
Cindy Laverty, Author of “Caregiving: Elder Care Made Clear & Simple”
Download: AIR-2011-09-01.mp3

BioDensity Bone Health & NUCCA Chiropractic
Simi Ranajee, PhD(c), MBA & President of BioDensity
Edward S. Forman, DO, Illinois Bone & Joint Institute
Jack Orlov, President of Right Health Care
Dr. Bryan Laneville, Laneville Family Chiropractic
Download: AIR-2011-08-25.mp3

Skin Cancer Awareness
Dr. Mandreau, Skin Cancer Foundation
Alix J. Charles, M.D., Board Certified Dermatology
Kathie Warpinski, Doctor of Naturopathy
Download: AIR-2011-08-18.mp3

Friendship Village Lifestyles & Outreach
Michael McCann, Director of Lifestyles
Ruby Hirakawa and Tom Carroll, Residents
Download: AIR-2011-08-04.mp3

New Hips, New Knees & Rehab
Dr. Craig J. Della-Valle
Jason McBride, PT, MSPT
Download: AIR-2011-07-28.mp3

Living Better & Longer
Sharon Kleyne, Founder & Chariman of Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies
Greg Tefft, Naturopathic Doctor & Clinical Nutritionist
Download: AIR-2011-07-21.mp3

Consumer Rights & Disaster Prep
David Horowitz, Host of “FIGHT BACK”
Norris Beren, Author & Leading Authority on Emergency Planning
Download: AIR-2011-07-14.mp3

Caregiving Chaos & Sibling Relationships
Gail Sheehy, N.Y Times Best Selling Author
Cathy Jo Cress, National Speaker & Author
Download: AIR-2011-06-30.mp3

Financial Exploitation & Elder Abuse
Ben Neiburger, Attorney
William Lightfoot, Legislative & Governmental Affairs Specialist
Download: AIR-2011-06-16.mp3

Mayslake & Its Residents
Colleen Ceh, Gerontologist, Associate Director or Social Services
Fran Evans & Doris Ruscetti, Mayslake Residents
Download: AIR-2011-06-09.mp3

Organizing & Elder Proofing Your Home
Patty Wolf, Founder & Owner of Stuff Busters
Pete Schroeder, Owner of Elder Proof Home
Download: AIR-2011-06-02.mp3

Love, Sex, Relationships & Harmony
Nikki Leigh, Certified Love Coach & Master Sexpert
Rick Goodfriend, Expert in Harmony & Kindness, Author of “I Hear You But”
Download: AIR-2011-05-26.mp3

The Mathers & More
JoAnne Malletta, Director of Memory Support at Mather Pavilion
Reed Engel, Director of Wellness at Mather Lifeways Institute on Aging
Betsie Sassen, Assistant V.P, Community Initiatives at Mathers – More than a Cafe
Download: AIR-2011-05-19.mp3

Yoga, Health & Aging Gracefully
Debbie Russo, Owner of Senior Solutions for You
Jeffrey Studzinski, President & Managing Partner of Revolutionizing Growth
Download: AIR-2011-05-12.mp3

Preventing Scams & Fraud
Cherie Aschenbrenner, Crime Prevention Specialist & Elderly Service Officer
Robert Siciliano, Personal Security Consultant, Author & Speaker
Download: AIR-2011-05-05.mp3

Alzheimer’s Among the Cruelest Diseases to Humanity
Dr. Raj Shah, Medical Director of Rush Memory Care
Rick Niksic, Director of Education and Outreach with Law Elder Law
Download: AIR-2011-04-28.mp3

Just a Little Help Please
Rob Roy, Divisional Vice President and
Mary Stehlin, Customer Engagment Manager, www.mygofer.com
Robert Dixon, Personal Assistant, www.call-my-personal-assistant.com
Download: AIR-2011-04-21.mp3

Multi-Generational IRAs & LTC Insurance
John O’Connor, President of O’Connor & Associates
Richard O’Sullivan, Prudential Financial Professional Associate & LTC Specialist
Download: AIR-2011-04-14.mp3

Progressive Prostate Possibilities
Norris L. Bean, Speaker & Author of “Prostate Cancer, Hope is Not a Strategy”
Dr. Brian Moran, MD Radiation Oncology, Chicago Prostate Cancer Center
Download: AIR-2011-04-07.mp3

Kidney Care
Diane Lattyak, RN, CNN & Regional Treatment Options Specialist
Nancy Knaus, RN, CNN & Director of Home Therapy, Fresenius Medical Care
Nina Kolbe, RD, CSR, LD & Author
Download: AIR-2011-03-31.mp3

AARP Solutions
Bruce Rayman, Marketing Specialist, AARP Driver Safety Program
Terri Worman, AARP Associate State Community Director, Mobility Independence
Download: AIR-2011-03-24.mp3

Caregiving at it’s Best
Jeanette Cesaretti, Director of Operations, Suburban Home Care
Cindy Laverty, Author of “Caregiving: Elder Care Made Clear & Simple”
Download: AIR-2011-03-17.mp3

It’s Never Too Late
Dan Rattary, President & Chief Care Officer, Seniors Helping Seniors
Bruce Frankel, Author of “What Should I do With the Rest of My Life?”
Download: AIR-2011-03-10.mp3

Metabolics & More
Dr. Donald Layman, PhD & Member of Qivana’s Scientific Advisory Board
Dr. Marcus Laux, ND & Chairman of Qivana’s Scientific Advisory Board
Download: AIR-2011-03-03.mp3

Hospice, Grief and the Path Back to Joy
Miriam Campbell, Director of Market Development
Vitas Innovative Hospice Care
Joy Cornelius-Klein, Poet, Motivational Speaker
Download: AIR-2011-02-24.mp3

Turn That Frown Upside Down
Sally Marks, Author of “Erase Negativity & Embrace the Magic Within”
Alan E. Smith, Speaker & Author of “Unbreak Your Health”
Download: AIR-2011-02-17.mp3

Hospital to Home Care
Kathleen Benner, President, Hospital Companions
Jeanette Cesaretti, Director of Operations, Suburban Home Care
Download:  AIR-2011-02-10.mp3

Supportive Living, the Best Kept Secret in Illinois
Terri Geppner, Director of Community Relations, Pathway Senior Living, LLC
Ellen Mostardini & Jean Higgasen, Marketing Directors, Asbury Court Retirement Community
Download: AIR-2011-02-03.mp3

The Diabetic Dilemma
Dr. Ken Kortas, Community Leadership Director, American Diabetic Association
Paula Marie Heaton, RN, Director of National Home Delivery, Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating
Download: AIR-2011-01-27.mp3

Wealth Creation with a Reverse Mortgage
Dave Marquardt, CEO. Mortgage Enterprises
Tim Frisby, Founder & Principal, Wealth Care Consultants
Download: AIR-2011-01-20.mp3

Care Receivers & Home Health Security Systems
Cheryl Kuba, Manager of Professional Services, LIV Home
Robert Rivera, Home Health Security Advisor, ADT Home Health Security Services
Download: AIR-2011-01-13.mp3

The Good News about Retirement Living
Anne Marie Davidson, Director of Senior Services
Assisted Living Referrals www.assistedlivingreferrals.com
Miriam Goodman, Author of Reinventing Retirement & Too Much Togetherness
Download: AIR-2011-01-06.mp3