April 17, 2016

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Chronic Kidney Disease affects approximately 13% of Americans. These numbers have increased 3% over the last decade due to more people being diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. If Kidney Disease leads to dialysis, it is so important to choose a care center that empowers you and your life. At NxStage Kidney Care they provide compassionate and individualized care, as expert guest and Medical Director, Dr. William Whittier talks about. His dedicated team does not allow dialysis to define a patient’s life. They accommodate a patient based on their lifestyle and preferences. Guest, Robert Huhn, Dr. Whittier’s patient, talks about his personal experience with NxStage Kidney Care and how they crossed his path. Robert loves to RV with his wife and dialyzing does not get in his way at all, because of NxStage Kidney Care!   


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Dr. William Whittier Medical Director

Dr. William Whittier
Medical Director

Robert Huhn Dr. Whittier's patient

Robert Huhn
Dr. Whittier’s patient

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