January 3, 2016

Journey of Healing
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With every New Year’s Eve come resolutions, and the top three are health related. Six weeks into the year, many have fallen to the wayside, although intuitively, we know our health is our greatest wealth. Expert guest, Dr. Kathy Gruver talks about her most recent book, Journey of Healing, a woman’s path to healing self and others. As a speaker, author and educator, Dr. Kathy Gruver has much too teach as she inspires others to have better health. Body, mind and spirit must all be working in sync to encompass our complete health. Utilizing both, eastern and western medicine can offer greater health, vitality and wellbeing to all. Dr. Gruver lives by the term Go for It, Living Life to the Fullest, which in itself, can enhance your health at any age or stage in life!


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Dr. Kathy Gruver Author, Journey of Healing

Dr. Kathy Gruver
Journey of Healing

Kathy's Book

Kathy’s Book

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