July 27, 2014

Partners in Senior Care
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Chances are caregiving will directly or indirectly cross your path at some point in your lifetime. The demands on 65 million US caregivers can be overwhelming, especially if they feel they are in over their head or elderly themselves. President and Founder of Partners in Senior Care, Patricia Menoni knows very well why it is best to hire a professional caregiver. One very important factor is it allows a son or daughter to visit with an aging loved one and enjoy time together. Timing and warning signs are also important, as Angie Landmesser, Director of Business Development discusses. Angie says that we need to become a home care detective, asking the right questions before bringing any caregiver into a home. The good news is, we are starting to realize that hiring a professional caregiver is our best bet and Partners in Senior Care is a great place to start.

In the show, Trisha and Angie referred to some useful documents.
Here are the links:
10 Warning Signs Your Older Family Member May Need Help
Four Hour Minimum Maximum Benefits
Home Care Detective – Questions to Ask

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