January 5, 2014

Loving Yourself & Others
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How about a year of loving yourself? When we learn to love ourselves, loving others, occurs more naturally. Self love is not familiar to most of us. We do not wake up and think about all the ways we are going to love and care for ourselves. For most, this feels unnatural and selfish to even consider taking care of ourselves first. Sue Elliot, Founder & Chief Editor of the Law of Attraction Magazine and a Three Wishes Coach, knows the value of self love. Sue suggests practicing small steps to learn to self love. Shift your experiences in a way that’s not just powerful, but truly self-empowering and self honoring. Become a better person for yourself and others as you keep practicing making 2014 an extraordinary year!


27 February 2013:    Sue Elliott, Editor-in-Chief of Law Of Attraction Magazine Law-of-Attraction-Magazine

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