January 12, 2014

Ageless Aging
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Baby boomers & seniors today are aging but not growing old, as seen in today’s first guest, Cathi Watson. At age 80, Cathi exercises daily, is a performer, blog talk radio host, author and speaker. With a mission is to change the world’s perception of aging now, Cathi is doing just that! Gerontologist, Lori Campbell says that age is measured chronologically, biologically and psychologically. Biological Telomere testing gives us clues to one’s longevity by checking cellular aging. Results can show that with a few minor changes in nutrition and or lifestyle, a longer and healthier life is highly possible. As we progress with cutting- edge technology, we may not only predict disease, but be able to prevent it. This could allow longevity and well being to go hand in hand naturally as the centenarian population continues to grow.


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