September 21, 2014

Fear Not ~ Embracing Life’s Journey
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When fear is a potential for pain, it can trigger a variety of attitudes and behaviors. We may freeze, flee, defend ourselves or get stuck. Fear signals move swiftly to avoid danger and they intensify when danger is unavoidable. Internal fears can be triggered by self doubt, where external fears are caused by something outside, that we want to avoid. When something bad happens, as it did to guests, Dale Spencer and Jana Flaig, fear can land right in our lap. It did not matter if the fear was external or internal; it had to be met, head on. With self determination, support and encouragement from others, both continue knocking fear down daily. Dale and Jana are two extraordinary human beings who went from devastation to being dynamic and, all by choice!

Photo-2014-09-21-Dale-Spencer Photo-2014-09-21-Dale-Sue Photo-2014-09-21-Jana-Flaig

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