September 28, 2014

Extraordinary NFP Companies
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Most non-for- profit companies help people out and Flying for Hope, is doing just that! Susan Worline, President and Founder, provides flights or transportation when someone needs to visit an aging, ill or dying loved one. Many times, people run out of money after repeat trips and have no funds left when they need to be there. This is where Flying for Hope comes in, while making a difference for others. It is just as important to comfort those in need, after a crisis. Tim Hetzner has 90 blondes, as he calls his Golden Retriever K-9 Comfort Dogs. Their job is to give emotional support when it is needed most as they innately know who is in pain. By leaning into someone in need, they connect to help heal, while offering comfort and compassion with their gentle, Golden Retriever kind of love!

www.FlyingForHope.Info (Home of K-9 Comfort Dogs)

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