October 5, 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness
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We are reminded every October of the importance of mammograms. Breast cancer affects one out of every eight woman as it did, guest, Liz Starman. Liz did a routine breast check and found a lump. She immediately had a mammogram, which lead into an ultra sound, followed by a biopsy. As painful as it is was to hear, Liz did have breast cancer. Treatment and surgery began immediately and with rigor. Guest, Sandy Hoffman is a Breast Nurse Navigator at Northwest Community Hospital. Sandy helped Liz understand what she could expect with the fight she was in, as well as, being a rock for her to lean on. Liz is a cancer survivor today. Although, Liz may have more routine testing to keep her a cancer survivor, routine mammograms make the difference and they may also save a life!


Photo-2014-10-05-Liz-Starman Photo-2014-10-05-Sandy-Hoffman

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