July 6, 2014

Fountains of Youth
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The Fountain of Youth was a mystic spring that would supposedly grant eternal life and vigor to whoever drank from it. Legends and myths about this tale have existed since ancient times. Today, we have the opportunity to create our own fountains with the advances in education and technology. Guest, Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso is a world renowned plastic surgeon who has the desire to make things more beautiful. Dr. LaGrasso adds alternative medicine and nutrition to the mix of looking your best physically. Gerontologist, Lori Campbell has a unique vision about growing older and vitality. Lori sees Telomere testing as the key. It allows us to measure our biological age and longevity and then learn how to expand our telomeres. With so many medical advances on the rise, we have only just begun looking our best at every age, and what could be better than that!


Photo-2014-07-06-Jeffrey-LaGrasso Photo-2014-01-12-Lori-Camplbell-Book Photo-2014-01-12-Lori-Campbell

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