November 2, 2014

Retirement Straight Talk
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It is heard everywhere, retirement this and retirement that, leaving consumers confused. Not only is confusion part of the equation, trust is another factor. People are much more skeptical today along with their decisions becoming more impactful, as the years go by. The best thing to do is never lose any of your retirement money. This is possible with the Safe Money Man, John O’Connor. John has delivered his promise to never lose any money to over 1,000 satisfied clients in the Chicagoland area. Doing your retirement homework is easy with John. He does it all for you. John also teaches his high school daughter, Kristen about money when she helps him at his workshops. Money 101 is so important to learn and apply, especially when young, as Kristen is and for most everyone else, it’s never too late!

Photo-2012-01-14-OConnorB Photo-2014-11-02-Kristen1 Photo-2014-11-02-Kristen2

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