November 9, 2014

Our Veterans
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We have approximately 22 million veterans in the United States with 1.7 million being female and 10 million over 65 years of age. Serving in the military may be challenging as, returning to civilian life can be. Programs and services are available that can help veterans, although, they are not always known about. Guests, Steve Thoren, George Rawlinson, Mick Grady and Jim Hunter bring light to some of the programs, such as, a Tribute to the Troops, Soldiers Angels and V- Spann. V-Spann, the Veterans Special Programs American National Network is on a big mission. Their project is a TV & Radio media platform for veterans and their families of all eras. They want to make sure veterans achieve a continuum of care with the programs available and finally, isn’t it about time!

Photo-2014-11-09-Steve-Thoren Photo-2014-11-09-George-Rawlins Photo-2014-11-09-Four-Guests Photo-2014-11-09-Jim-Hunter

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