June 15, 2014

Father’s Day Show
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It was brainchild Sonora Smart who started circulating petitions pushing for an annual Father’s Day in 1909. It took until 1972 when Richard Nixon finally signed Father’s Day into the books, as a national holiday. As Chicago Radio Icon and guest, Clark Weber says, never give it to a politician to get it done quickly. Clark is the father of four girls, which include a set of twins and all being born within 27 months. Clark said, it was no work at all, although he did have his hands full at one point, when they started dating. Guest, Tony Mazza, is the opposite having two young boys. Tony explores the world with his sons, teaching them life values while creating memories from the ordinary. He says these are the things his children will remember most and feels that being a dad, is the best gift, life can offer a man!

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