June 22, 2014

Longevity With Emeritus
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The fastest growing segment of our population are the centenarians who are living to be 100 years old along with super centenarians who are surpassing them at 110+. Different factors come into play with longevity such as genetics, life style, diet, exercise, staying social and many little things that can make a big difference. Emeritus Community Relations Director’s and expert guests, Mary Beth Beatty and Janet Cannon see many reasons why seniors are thriving. At Emeritus communities, it is the socialization, activities, a nutritional diet, friendships, sense of play and so much more that their residents experience. Isolation is a high risk for the many seniors who end up alone. They are much better off in a retirement community in their elder years. Participation has always been a function of health and Emeritus Communities offer that and so much more!

Emeritus at Burr Ridge – 630-920-2900
Emeritus at Prospect Heights – 847-797-2700

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