February 2, 2014

Healthy Bones
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Strong bones play a vital role in supporting our overall health. Many times breaking a bone can start a downward health spiral leading to much worse. Osteoporosis is an epidemic with projections that one out of every two people by 2020 will have the disease. Jenny Mandell, Founder & President, and Phoebe Manalang, CEO of Break 4 Health see a better way. They just may have found the fountain of youth for building strong bones. Bio Density and Power Plate machines not only builds strong bones it can reverse Osteoporosis and help with many other diseases. Jenny and Phoebe, continuously see their clients improving in ways they never knew was possible. Bio Density and Power Plate machines are highly effective and will become the way of the future to keep our bones strong as we continue to age, but not grow old.


Photo-2014-02-02-Jenny-Mandell Photo-2014-02-02-Phoebe-Manalang

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