February 9, 2014

Love, Love, Love & Relationships
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Valentine’s Day, here it is again, the love holiday. Worldwide over 50 million roses  and 36 million heart shaped boxes of chocolates are sold to celebrate and acknowledge love on this holiday.  Guest, psychotherapist & author, Elliot Connie talks about  relationships and his newest book, The Solution Focused Marriage. Elliott’s book presents five simple habits that when applied, relationships see immediate results. The habits are simple and they work. Guest, Kathryn Raaker being married for 44 years says that her marriage success is from  having open communication along with kindness and intimacy. From Granny Panties to Thongs, co-authored by Penny Burke, says it is never too late to find love, as our libido lives on. When Valentine’s Day comes with high expectations, it may rob you of joy. Keep your expectations at bay, express your love to those in your life and enjoy Valentine’s Day once again!

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