August 10, 2014

Wills, Trusts & Power of Attorney Blog
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More than half of Americans do not have a will, trust or power of attorney documents. This is where elder law attorney, Nancie Dorjath comes in providing these documents and more. Nancie says that having Power of Attorney Health Care is important, but so are HIPPA documents. The cost and time involved if you do not have these documents and they are needed, far outweighs getting them. Living Trusts serve when alive and after death, where as a will is only, upon death. Although many people do not know where to start, Dorjath Law Center could be the best place. Nancie and David develop lasting relationships with families that are much more, than just about documents. As a rarity in today’s business world, a company will stand out that goes above and beyond and Dorjath Law Center does just that! 630-761-3600

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