February 23, 2014

Self Sabotage & Weight Loss
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When we say that we want something, then go about making sure it doesn’t happen, this is self-sabotage. Weight loss and self-sabotage can go together making it difficult, if not impossible, to reach our goals.  Guest, Tim Shurr, says we must learn to use our inner resources as we develop emotional intelligence to obtain our goals. Even if you are on track with your weight loss goal, medical reasons can slow down your metabolism, making it much more difficult to keep weight off once it is lost. Dr. Joseph Mazzei, says that inflammation is one of the biggest reasons our metabolism becomes sluggish. You can optimize your metabolism by balancing your hormones, reducing inflammation, eliminating toxins and finding out what food sensitivities you may have. Once this happens, you are on your way to reaching your weight loss goals as you put self-sabotage on the back burner.

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