October 18, 2015

JenCare Neighborhood Medical Centers
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When a doctor becomes a patient, everything changes and that is what happened to Dr. James Chen. Inspired by his own life threatening illness, he developed a whole new way of delivery for medical services. Expert guest Dr. Emory discusses in detail, how JenCare, Board Certified Doctors and Specialists are greatly impacting the lives of seniors with personalized healthcare. With specialists on staff, an in house pharmacy and much more that helps eliminate healthcare breakdowns. JenCare Neighborhood Medical Centers offer social events and activities for all their patients. Staying active and remaining social is another important aspect of remaining healthy. JenCare is leading the way with their superior level of care and best of all, they are making a positive impact on their patients and their health!

www.JenCareMed.com 855-526-3348

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Dr. Lakshmi Emory Medical Director

Dr. Lakshmi Emory
Medical Director

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