October 11, 2015

Pressure & Speaking Up
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When you are under pressure, it undermines your performance, although, it is a natural part of the human condition. Most people confuse pressure and stress as expert guest, Dr. Hendrie Weisinger talks about. There is a big difference between pressure and stress. Stress is a feeling of being overwhelmed with too much to do. Pressure is where you have something on the line, with the outcome based on your performance. Daily stress and pressure reducing practices are key. Expert guest, Dr. Kate Webster, the Founder & Owner of Breaking Thru Barriers, teaches others to speak up for themselves and feel good about doing it. Saying what you mean and flipping negative messages to positive one are effective tools. If you can master stress, identify pressure and speak up for yourself you can expect great things to happen in your life.


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Hendrie Weisinger Ph.D & Author

Dr. Hendrie Weisinger
Ph.D & Author

Dr. Kate Webster Founder & Owner Breaking Thru Barriers

Dr. Kate Webster
Founder & Owner
Breaking Thru Barriers

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