October 4, 2015

Your Patient Advocate & Doctor
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If you have been diagnosed with a chronic disease or are in a life threatening health situation, the news can be life changing. Today, many people are hiring “Patient Advocates” to navigate their healthcare needs, when they are sick. Expert guest, Cybele Japczyk, Founder and Navigator of Next Step Advocate works closely with patients and their families to maximize health care needs. As Cybele says, she is the extra daughter that is not so emotionally attached. Expert guest, Dr. Melissa Clarke fully understands the benefits of hiring a Patient Advocate. In her book, “Excuse Me Doc, I’ve Got What?”, Dr. Melissa Clarke reminds people that health care decision making should be shared, as well as, never being a passive patient. When patients and their family members are well informed, they are usually in a much calmer state of mind. That in its self, can enhance everyone’s health!

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Cybele Japczyk Founder and Navigator Next Step Advocate

Cybele Japczyk
Founder and Navigator
Next Step Advocate

Dr. Melissa Clarke

Dr. Melissa Clarke

Excuse Me Doc, I've Got What?

Excuse Me Doc,
I’ve Got What?

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