October 25, 2015

Quantum Thinking & Your Legacy
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Imagine if your thoughts were as up to date as your technology. It is possible if you “Quantum Think”. Expert guest, Dianne Collins is the author of “Do You Quantum Think”. This is new thinking that will rock your world as Dianne says! She talks about why we need a new way of thinking and the difference between ordinary thinking and Quantum thinking. We have progressed as humans and Dianne says it is best to make your mind, your friend. Learning to think in new ways can give you access to writing, as well. Expert guest, Alan Gelb is a widely published author and writing coach. Alan teaches in “Having the Last Say” how a short story of 500- 1,000 words can capture your legacy. Maybe life is made much more difficult than it has to be and simplifying is the key!

Having the Last Say (Press Release)

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Love is Life and If You Miss Love, You Miss Life

Dianne Collins Author

Dianne Collins

Do You QuantumThink?

Do You QuantumThink?

Alan Gelb Author & Writing Coach

Alan Gelb
Author & Writing Coach

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