March 29, 2015

Stressed Out
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It is a fact that 53% of health problems are sourced by stress. It erodes our health and impacts everything in our physical and mental being. Stress management is the key. Automatic behaviors cause additional stress and can create havoc in our lives. Guest, Kate Silver sees stress as a growing problem and feels mindfulness can help to manage it. Holistic Health Coach, Claudia Braun suggests learning to say no and asking for help. Both can help to diminish stress. Daily stress causes increased worry and irritability which goes in a vicious circle and serves no one. Learning to relax, rest and de-stress helps promote optimum health. If we practice de-stressing daily and learn to walk away and regroup when needed, we may diminish stress and best of all, bring joy back, abundantly!


Kate Silver


Claudia Braun


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