March 22, 2015

National Kidney Month
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March is National Kidney Month, the time to raise awareness and education. We have 31 million U.S. residents living with chronic kidney disease which gives us 31 million reasons for National Kidney Month. Kidney disease occurs when conditions damage the kidneys and keep them from filtering our blood properly. High blood pressure and diabetes can lead into kidney disease and should be monitored closely. It is common for CKD to not show signs, until stage five, which then calls for dialysis or a transplant. Our four guests discuss kidney health, the American Kidney Fund, being a kidney donor and care giving for a sister before and after a transplant. Awareness and education help to empower those living with CKD and the challenges that come with it. Learn more at or at Chicago Kidney Action Day, August 26, 2015.  866-300-2900
Chicago Kidney Action Day – August 26, 2015


Matthew Poffenroth


Janine Smith


LaVarne Burton


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