August 11, 2013

Biochemical Health
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Our Biochemical Health is effected by everything we eat, drink or put on our skin. All of it enters our blood stream and greatly impacts how our delicate Endocrinology system works. We must support our system with proper nutrition, sleep and exercise to work at optimum levels, as Chiropractic Physician Elizabeth Engel has learned from working with her patients. Our continuous changing hormones and blood sugar levels play another large part in the symphony of our endocrinology system. Integrative Health Coach, Alisa Vitti, fine tunes nutritional needs to impact aging, hormonal changes and overall well being. As our health care system changes, we have a personal responsibility to be accountable for our own health. No doubt, Biochemical Health and micro nutrients are on the cutting edge and will definitely enhance our health accountability!

Photo-2013-08-11-Elizabeth-Engel Photo-2013-08-11-Elizabeth-Engel4 Photo-2013-08-11-Alisa-Vitti

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