August 4, 2013

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One out of every five US adults take pharmaceutical drugs to treat mental health issues, which can lead to prescription addiction. Dr. Steven Walker has patients work through their issues to find that no prescription is needed. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Pharmaceutical company propaganda continues to perpetuate the epidemic of prescription drug abuse along with rogue pharmaceutical internet sites. Out of 10,000 pharmaceutical sites, only 3% are legitimate, as Carmen Catizone, Executive Director of the National Association of Pharmacy Boards discusses. Our country has a prescription epidemic dilemma with one death occurring every 24 minutes, by pharmaceutical grade overdose and many of those from internet sites. If you feel you are addicted, get help before it is too late. If someone you love is addicted, never give up and do the same for them!

Photo-2013-08-04-Steven-Walker Photo-2013-08-04-Carmen-Catizone

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