August 18, 2013

Saying NO with Resiliency
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Many people find it very difficult to say NO. It may be out of anxiety, feeling uncomfortable, wanting approval, fear of not being liked…and the list goes on. Steve Olsher, Founder of Reinvention Workshop, talks about the power of YaNo’s. He sees very little grey area with yes and no. Steve believes that the better you know yourself and what you are up to, the easier it is to be straightforward with a yes or a no. Being resilient from the reactions you may get from a no, is another step to becoming who you were meant to be. Learning to acknowledge the negative and still develop a positive perspective, as Dr. Erica Kosal talks about, is moving in the right direction. Sometimes, it’s best to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and just keep moving forward!

Photo-2013-08-18-Steve-Olsher Photo-2013-08-18-Erica-Kosal

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