February 16, 2013

Independent Lifestyles & Retirement
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We are an independent society that wants to live a high quality of life taking care of ourselves. Unfortunately, as we age sooner or later we must accept that we are going to have to give up some of our independence. Steve Klopfer, Chief Independence Officer sees it differently. He brings technology that allows independence and safety for as long as possible. Tele-health is also on the forefront and soon it will change health care as we know it. Being proactive with tele-health will become a daily ritual. Aging and retirement should not be doom and gloom as Bill Leavitt knows firsthand. Bill says, retirement is about doing what you love and making retirement a great adventure. With technology enhancing our lives we can make our retirement a great adventure and who could ask for more!


Photo-2013-02-16-Steve-Klopfer Photo-2013-02-16-Bill-Leavitt

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