January 5, 2013

The Power of Change
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Human beings resist change for a multitude of reasons, while creating chaos, conflict and confusion to validate their resistance. Richard Flint teaches that life is all about the choices we make. He uses improvement rather than change as a lead to self empowerment. The word Change brings up emotions and can stifle while the word Improvement allows freedom to work on what you want. Rae Luskin takes it a step further by teaching others to fill their days with color, wonder & joy as they paint a bold vision that encourages them to step up. Rae says that when someone initiates, ignites, invites & inspires it can take them from stuck to unstoppable. Imagine what your 2013 will be like as you bring your unstoppable self to life!


Photo-2012-08-11-Richard-Flint Photo-2013-01-05-Rae-Luskin

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Be the Change You Wish For

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