December 29, 2012

Resolutioneers & Innovators
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Are you a resolutioneer or a safe non-setter when it comes to making New Year Resolutions? Chances are that at some time or another you have made them and by the end of the first week of January 25% of New Year resolutions are broken. The good news is the other 75% that were made increases the likelihood of success just by resolving to do something as Mark Papadus, author of “New YOU Resolutions” points out. Your resolution may be to innovate in a way that moves your life forward. Dr. David Pensak discusses the “Silver Innovators” of today’s world and says that it is never too late to innovate. More and more retirees are going in to the third chapter of their life creating a new purpose and with passion because it is absolutely never too late!


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It’s Always Too Early To Quit

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