January 12, 2013

Health Tips for 2013
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We want the best of the basics, food and sleep which sounds simple, although for many it may not be. Genetically modified foods are surfacing and the short & long term affects of these foods can wreak havoc on our health as Dr. Mike Smith discusses. He also addresses the two culprits, sugar and saturated fat which are addictive, toxic and can cause of weight gain. Another health problem for many is lack of sleep. Weight gain or lack of weight loss among other health issues are greatly affected by lack of sleep. Dr. Scott Fogle talks about the importance of sleep hygiene and why it is so vital to being healthy. Our bodies need to be fueled with the best possible foods and given a chance to repair with proper amounts of sleep. By keeping both of these basics balanced you will be taking steps to greatly impact your health and well being!


Photo-2013-01-12-Mike-Smith Photo-2012-03-24-Scott-Fogle

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