May 19, 2012

Multi-Generational IRAs & LTC
Podcast Download: AIR-2012-05-19.mp3

When a young person receives an inheritance in a lump sum it can magically disappear in a very short period of time. Find out about Multi-Generational IRA’s from John O’Connor, President of O’Connor & Associates. This type of IRA is just a little over a decade old and most people are unaware they exist. A Multi-Generational IRA can greatly impact future generations. Harold Lustig grabs your attention with his book, “Naked in the Nursing Home”. If you are just starting the Nursing Home part of your journey or an aging loved one is, this book is for you.  When you land in a nursing home you are stripped of privacy, privilege and power. Learn what you need to know as well as nursing home definitions so you can fully understand what options you have and more.
Naked in the Nursing

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