May 26, 2012

Honor Flight Chicago ~ Made in America Tour
Podcast Download: AIR-2012-05-26.mp3

We have approximately 23 million veterans in our country with 9 million who are over 65 years old that enlisted or were drafted at a time of need. They were called forth to serve and protect our personal freedoms.  After their tour of duty many veterans are not honorably being taken care of in ways they should be.  We as Americans need to support our military veterans.  Honor Flight Chicago Made in America Tour on Sunday June 3rd at the Paramount Theatre in Aurora, IL is a way to give back and enjoy a truly moving event.  All Proceeds from the tour will take 200 WWII Veterans to DC for their well deserved day of honor. My show guests, Herschel Luckinbill, Red Dixon, Bill Remiyas, Mark Andol and Ricky Lee all have one common vision and that is to support our military veterans. Hopefully you will too!

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