December 13, 2015

The Future of Social Security
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We have approximately 55 million people receiving some type of social security income today. With the large demographics of aging Americans and less people in the work place, social security income where it is today, may not be this way, in the future. When Social Security started in 1935, the retirement age was 65. The financial burden did not seem so great with a much shorter life expectancy. Today our life expectancy continues to increase with the largest growing segment of our population being centenarians. Living past 100 years old was not expected when social security started. The policy makers in Washington keep putting their heads in the sand about our social security problem which is leaving fewer and few options. The risk being, in the future, Social Security Income will no longer be the backbone of our retirement!

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John O’Connor Your Safe Money Man

John O’Connor
Your Safe Money Man

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