November 8, 2015

For Our Veterans
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Veterans Day is the annual day we honor those that have fought for our freedoms. Originally called, Armistice Day, it was celebrated on November 11, 1919. In 1954, the name was changed to Veterans Day. With over 24 million veterans in our country, there are many programs that support them and VetsRoll is one of those programs. VetsRoll, Co-Founder, Mark Finnegan and his team fills up 1o luxury buses with wartime veterans, Rosie Riveters and their volunteer assistants. This caravan travels from Beloit Wisconsin to Washington D.C. and back in four days. VetsRoll is a way for war time veterans to receive closure, gratitude and respect for their time served. Korean War, Marine Veteran and guest, Dick Brush attended VetsRoll in May 2015. Dick shares a few of his best moments and much more about VetsRoll, that you don’t want to miss! 800-383-2267
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Mark Finnegan Co-Founder, VetsRoll

Mark Finnegan
Co-Founder, VetsRoll

Dick Brush USMC Veteran

Dick Brush
USMC Veteran

Dick, on the bus

Dick, on the bus

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