July 26, 2015

Caregiver 101
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A family caregiver averages 21 hours per week caring for an aging or disabled loved one. Like firefighters, family caregivers tend to stomp out one flaring crisis after another, and other family members may not see any of the challenges. This is when hiring a professional is needed, along with knowing important facts. Every state has different licensing and every caregiver agency needs to be compliant, licensed and bonded with their state. Basic business questions are also just as important. Expert guest, Angie Landmesser, with Partners in Senior Care, suggests finding the best agency with Home Care Pulse. Partners in Senior Care, has been awarded “Leader in Excellence Award” two years in a row by Home Care Plus. You can find the best professional caregiver agency by doing your homework and accepting the gift of care, which will provide better care and peace, to everyone involved!

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Angie Landmesser, Director of Business Development

Angie Landmesser, Director of Business Development



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