June 28, 2015

Hanging Up the Keys with Dignity
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For most, hanging up the keys to no longer drive can be a devastating time. Guest Matt Gurwell, says it does not have to be this way. After a long career as an Ohio State Trooper, Matt is the CEO & Founder of Keeping Us Safe. Matt knew what was missing for elderly drivers when he created his company. Guest, Nancy Schuster, Director of Strategic Alliances with Keeping Us Safe, teaches self-assessment for older drivers and their families, with their work book, “Beyond Driving with Dignity”. When the times comes to empower your elderly loved one to hang up the keys, make sure it is done with empathy and use, Keeping Us Safe’s workbook. Also, keep in mind, this may be the person who took you to get your license when you were young. Go back in time and remember with love!


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Matt Gurwell,  Founder & Ceo

Matt Gurwell,
Founder & Ceo

Nancy Schuster,  Director of Strategic Alliances

Nancy Schuster,
Director of Strategic Alliances

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