September 8, 2013

Journey into Well-Being
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Our health is our greatest wealth, and it can take not having it, to realize this is an absolute truth. As health care continues to change, we are starting to realize our overall wellbeing is just as important. My first guest, Debra K, is bringing her new TV show “Journey into Wellbeing” to every state. She knows what it takes to enhance our wellbeing and stay youthful, as David Himmel, Managing Editor of Chicago Health magazine writes about in their Summer/Fall edition. David’s article, Time to Grow Old, states that through the good and bad, it’s by grace that we age. We continue to grow older in every moment, and we also, gain another moment. Our overall health and wellbeing, no matter where we are on our journey, comes down to personal choices, as does, aging with grace.

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