September 1, 2013

Unmarried America
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Are we becoming a society of unmarried Americans who are getting comfortable with singlehood? Statistics show that one out of every three baby boomers is single. Either by choice, divorce or a loved one passing, there is good and bad news to all of it. The bad news is, there is a concern as to who is going to assist us as we age, if we are single. The good news is, we are realizing we must become our own health advocate, as Joy Loverde points out. If you are married, staying there may be your answer. If you are loving life in singlehood, then you have your answer as well. Heather Wagenhal sees that being married or single is no longer being done one way or the other. It is being done your way, which is, the most important way!

Photo-2013-09-01-Joy-Loverde Photo-2013-09-01-Heather-Wagenhals

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