July 7, 2012

Alzheimer’s Hitting Below the Belt
Podcast Download: AIR-2012-07-07.mp3

One in eight older American’s have Alzheimer’s disease and it is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. Over 15 million American’s provide care for a person with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The costs to provide Alzheimer’s housing is expensive and many families cannot afford this type of housing.  Expert guests Diana Law and Kathy Motley discuss options available for families that can help with the expenses, the 10 absolutes for Alzheimer’s Caregiving, safety tips and more.  If you are caring for an aging loved with Alzheimer’s disease, Law Elder Law can help. Their pledge to their clients is they will do everything possible to give you peace of mind. You will get your questions answered, learn what options are available and receive support in many areas.


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