June 30, 2012

When I’m 64
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There are many defining moments in life such as leaving home, getting married, the birth of our children, purchasing your first home and turning 65!  Medicare was passed into law in 1965 with benefits available as of July 1966.  Age 65 is when you become eligible to receive Social Security benefits, as we know of them today. In the future we are realizing that Social Security and Medicare may be entirely different programs out of the need to be. Our show provides diverse information and resources that will keep you moving forward on your aging journey. The “New and Improved Age” is now 65.  This is a time in life when there is so much more as we are healthier and more active than past generations.  Paul McCartney probably never thought he would be a rock star at 70. Then again, it is never too late as we are aging, but not growing old.

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