March 3, 2012

Finding a Retirement Community & Moving
Podcast Download: AIR-2012-03-03.mp3

Moving at any age can be a daunting task and especially if you are an elder adult.  Imagine living in your home for years and then starting to search for senior housing. This is where Gail Niksic, Senior Care Consultant at Elderwerks provides her complimentary services. Gail assists families to find all types of senior housing. Once a new place to call home is found Paxem keeps the process moving forward.  Jennifer Prell, President of Paxem and her highly effective team works to “rightsize” a home. They sort, donate, sell, move and set up a new living space and all in just one day!  By utilizing Gail’s expertise to find senior housing and Jennifer’s rightsizing/moving services it allows an elder and their family to enjoy the process instead of feeling overwhelmed by it. &

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