July 12, 2015

Sixty-Four & So Much More
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Sixty-four today is entirely different than it was decades ago. Expert guest, Sumner Davenport is turning sixty-four this year and she feels it is different than she ever expected. Sumner points out that she has no attention on her chronological age. Sumner says, forget your age and life your life as stress-free as possible. You will feel better by doing so. Life expectancy continues to go up with people living into their hundreds, as they thrive, not just survive. Author & guest, Rick Bava wrote the book “In Search of the Baby Boomer Generation”. It is not only a snap shot of the Baby Boomer generation, it is also a political overview of how they arrived where they are at. Then again, it is no surprise, considering Baby boomers have always pushed the envelope. They will continue doing so, as they reinvent aging, on their own terms, which could very well be, 85 and so alive!


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Sumner Davenport  Author, Speaker and  Solutions Strategist

Sumner Davenport
Author, Speaker and
Solutions Strategist

Rick Bava, Author

Rick Bava, Author

Rick Bava's Book

Rick Bava’s Book

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